‘Bones’ recap: Ang goes undercover in ‘The Doll in the Derby’

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The "Bones" episode "The Doll in the Derby" has Angela going undercover, much like Bones and Brennan did earlier this season, when they tried out for the dance competition. The crime du jour: a roller derby gal has been slain, and Angela goes undercover to get the dirt from the vic's derby teammates.

The crime scene

The body is discovered by two rookie cops in a pretty creepy slaughterhouse. One cop is so taken aback by the sight that he slips on the blood, contaminating the crime scene. Later on, the Jeffersonian team learns that this creepy old slaughterhouse is also used as a roller derby rink.

The victim

This week's vic is Melinda Perkins, a 32-year-old "Derby Doll." Melinda is divorced, and she still fights with her ex, Dr. Bradley Perkins. As evidenced by her love of the brutal sport of roller derby, Melinda is a bit reckless: She even antagonized her ex by sleeping with other men right on his front lawn.

The suspects

Getting warrants for every single member of the derby squad would be a hassle, so Angela tries out for the team to see what kind of information she can glean from the vic's teammates. Taking on the derby name "Smackie Kennedy," Angela meets Melinda's teammates "Emily Kickinson" and "Ivanna Kick Ass," as well as team manager Nick Bennett. All are suspects, but Ivanna is most suspicious because she is late.

Booth tracks "Ivanna" down and questions her, and she reveals the details of Melinda's difficult relationship with her ex, Dr. Perkins. Booth also learns that Nick and Melinda were sleeping together. Nick admits that they were together for a while, but that he broke it off after a big incident between Melinda and Dr. Perkins. Booth questions Dr. Perkins and finds a hole in his alibi. Dr. P claims he is completely innocent and lawyers up.

Ang uses her time in the derby locker room to search for a bloodied murder weapon. The lab team suspects that a pair of skates were used to bludgeon Melinda, but Ang finds that every pair of skates has blood on them, because derby is such a full-contact sport.

Drama at the Jeffersonian

You'd think that the kiss Ang plants on Booth when she's undercover would be the source of all the drama in this episode, but you'd be wrong. There's still more Ang drama when Wendell reminds Hodgins just how close he and Ang used to be. (Hint: there's naked art involved!)

But that's not even the biggest drama of all. Cam spends much of the episode trying to uncover the reason behind Booth's secretive hospital appointments. After thinking that Booth was sick (or worse, that one of his kids was sick), it is revealed that Booth is just helping to raise money for the Children's Tumor Foundation to help kids with neurofibromatosis, a disease that can cause tumors to grow anywhere on the body. (Interesting fact: The "Bones" writer who penned this episode has a child who suffers from this disease.)

The killer

Ivanna was the main suspect right from the get-go, and with good reason. Her role in the murder is uncovered when Hodgins finds eyeball fluid on Melinda's shirt. Guessing that she was stabbed in the eye with some sort of pointy object, the team zeroes in on car keys as the possible weapon. Ivanna's keys have some telltale residue, but it's the residue in the keyhole of the vehicle that seals the deal and proves Ivanna's guilt.
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