‘Bones’ recap: Angela kisses someone, and it’s not her husband

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On the second-to-last episode of the year ("The But in the Joke"), "Bones" opens the action with a shirtless street artist defacing a billboard. But when he knocks over a tub of industrial strength adhesive as he falls off the billboard, he sets himself up for a nasty shock.

When he wakes up, he sees Booth and Brennan looking down at him. He fell in such a way that he was knocked out, giving the industrial adhesive enough time to literally glue him to a pile of human remains he landed on. They bring the artist (who refuses to tell anyone his name) back to the Jeffersonian, where the team debates the best way to remove the remains from the artist's body.

When Cam says no to using lasers on the artist, Hodgins borrows a huge tub of peanut butter from Angela. The oils in the peanut butter may help to loosen the adhesive. But when Angela sees some of the art that came in as evidence, she is star-struck: The shirtless artist is a man named Zed, and he's a famous artist. In fact, she's so star-struck that she kisses Zed when Hodgins isn't around.

Once the remains begin to fall off the back of Zed, the team can identify the victim. His name was Morgan Donnelly, and he was going through a rough patch with his girlfriend. He worked as a telemarketer, but his real passion was comedy. However, there are rumors that he didn't always come up with his own material, a theory that Sweets is able to prove by analyzing the structure of some of Morgan's jokes.

When Booth and Bones show up to question Morgan's girlfriend, they tell her that Morgan is dead. Morgan starts laughing because she think it is a practical joke but becomes upset when she learns Morgan really is dead. She reveals she was also upset when Morgan's fangirls would kiss him or fawn over him.

Back in the lab, Zed and Angela have a conversation about art and values, and Angela questions whether she has changed too much after getting married. Hodgins learns about the kiss but forgives Angela. Hodgins also decides that the best way to remove the peanut butter and flesh from the bones is to dump hissing cockroaches from Madagascar all over the remains.

Elsewhere, Booth tries his hand at stand-up comedy in the hopes of casing the joint and finding suspects for Morgan's murder. There are many suspects, including Morgan's professional rivals on the comedy club circuit. He bombs on stage, but the team is finally able to pin the murder on someone. The killer: Elliot, who was Morgan's girlfriend's brother. Elliot was Morgan's "muse," but felt that Morgan had been stealing his jokes. Elliot hit Morgan over the head with a toilet seat over and over again to kill him! It's a case of death by swirlie!

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