'Bones' Recap: Arastoo is Infected With a Deadly Virus in 'The Pathos in the Pathogens'

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The tear-jerking, heart-pounding "Bones" episode "The Pathos in the Pathogens" sees Cam's boyfriend Arastoo fighting for his life. The only way the Jeffersonian team can save Arastoo is if they can solve a murder where the victim died from the same mysterious virus.

The victim

The victim is Mia Garrett, a journalist who was found with a crushed skull at a biohazard disposal facility. The body was discovered by the CDC, when they conducted a surprise inspection of the facility. It takes the team a long time to make an ID: Mia's teeth and skull were all smashed up to mask her identity.

The suspects

Sweets speaks with Ben Carr, Mia's boyfriend. Sweets feels like there must have been some reason Mia didn't trust Ben with information about the last story she was working on.

Angela's search of Mia's laptop finds notes from an interview with a Dr. Tessa Burke, regarding the possibility that SARS, Yellow Fever, and other diseases could start to mutate.

There's also Byron Fuller, who Mia was sleeping with on the side. Fuller was funding a private lab that tested performance-enhancing drugs for horses.

The big complication

The team decides that getting a bone marrow sample from Mia's remains is the best way to determine how her immune system was responding to the virus. But when Arastoo tries to get the sample, he cuts himself on a micro-needle embedded in the bone and exposes himself to the bloodborne pathogen. He develops a fever and a lot of pain, and Cam is worried he might die. Brennan and Hodgins try making some herbal remedies, while the CDC builds an antiserum to help Arastoo.

Unmasking the virus

It turns out that the virus is so mysterious because it was paired with botulinum toxin. Booth suspects Dr. Tessa Burke, but Burke claims that the real culprit is Dr. Thorne, her former employer and a man with a history of unethical behavior.

Burke's story checks out, and Booth brings Dr. Thorne to look at Mia's corpse and Arastoo's weakened body. Thorne gives up the antidote, though he only does so after he thinks he has been exposed to the virus himself. Arastoo recovers, much to everyone's delight. Shew, that was a close one.

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