‘Bones’ recap: Bones trusts her gut with ‘The Bod in the Pod’

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The "Bones" episode "The Bod in the Pod" opens with Bones, Booth, and Hodgins surveying the debris left on the beach after a hurricane. The team finds the remains of a male body in a clear, plastic-like "pod." Hodgins, of course, assumes that the pod has extraterrestrial origins.

Hodgins and Arastoo use a laser to open the pod, which appears to be made from an organic polymer. However, once it is opened, Hodgins breathes in some air from inside the pod, remarks on its odd smell, and passes out for 52 seconds. The cause: Carbon dioxide collected in the pod in a high concentration during decomp.

Hodgins does a turkey roasting experiment, which explains how the pod was made: The body was wrapped in a polymer and then placed on a garbage barge. Sunlight broke down the fats in the body, creating the hard pod shell. The pod was created by a type of plastic sheeting.

Angela reconstructs the logo stamped on some wood splinters, which sends Booth and Brennan to a store called Lumber for Less. The cashier, Renee, recognizes the facial reconstruction of the victim. His name was Lucky, and he was a regular customer that the cashier was sleeping with.

However, Lucky had a wife. Booth questions her, but she says she didn't kill him. The wife had a son who was close to Lucky, and the two were going to be partners in Lucky's crime scene-cleaning business. Sweets thinks that maybe Lucky's wife and stepson conspired together to kill Lucky.

Another potential killer is Lucky's business rival, who owned a competing cleaning company. However, the rival tells Sweets that he was going to join forces with Lucky; together, they could make more money. However, Lucky's stepson hated the idea.

Meanwhile, Arastoo's past as a politcal exile is revealed, as is his current side gig as a poet. Hodgins walks in on Arastoo reciting one of his poems in Farsi to Dr. Saroyan and picks up on the chemistry between Arastoo and Cam. Arastoo begs Hodgins to keep quiet, but Angela and Hodgins accidentally see Cam and Arastoo kissing later that night.

Bones is convinced that Lucky's rival was the killer because of a recent obsession with trusting her gut, but Booth tells her not to go by her gut in this case. After another interview with the cocky rival, though, Booth is also convinced that the rival was the killer. The scene has been well-cleaned, but the team is able to find one piece of key evidence: trace amounts of blood in a carpet. Compression marks on the bloody areas link the crime back to the rival cleaner, who left a tell-tale mark on the carpet when he kneeled upon it; he had an artificial knee.

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