'Bones' Recap: Booth's Mom Returns in 'The Party in the Pants'

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Monday night's "Bones" episode "The Party in the Pants" opened with a disgusting scene... but doesn't every episode? In the early moments of the episode, a woman is covered in earth after a young boy accidentally drops an excavator's load of dirt on her. Of course, this is "Bones," which means that the dirt has a few surprises in it...including a body!

The victim

The decomposed body belongs to a Caucasian male, and the team assumes he's a fireman based on his uniform. However, when Hodgins notes that the man was wearing a thong, the team realizes that their "fireman" was actually a stripper.

Based on the info Cam pulls from the victim's calf implants, the body is identified as Jack Spindler. He worked at Duncore Investments, and so the team decides to start their investigation there.

Jeffersonian staff drama

Booth finds his long-estranged mother, Marianne, waiting for him in his office. He's happy to see her and tells the chanteuse that she is a grandmother. But when she announces that she's getting married to Reggie, her piano player, Booth is less than excited at the prospect of giving her away. However, Booth eventually decides to forgive his mom after talking about forgiveness with Dr. Brennan, and he decides to walk his mother down the aisle. At the ceremony, Brennan catches the bouquet!

The suspects

The first person Booth talks to about Jack's death is Seth Harrison, Jack's boss. Seth was shocked to learn that his employee was stripping on the side -- but understanding: Jack and Seth were both motivated by money.

Jack's girlfriend Kristy is also a suspect, as she left voicemails on Jack's answering machine that accused Jack of cheating on her.

Kristy also brings Storm to the attention of the FBI. Storm helped Jack break into stripping but started to get mad when Jack stole his regular clients.

There's also Cynthia White, who slept with Jack at her bachelorette party -- a move that didn't please her husband-to-be.

The killer is revealed

Based on bedbugs and minerals found on the body, the team is able to confirm that Jack was assaulted at the Kingford Hotel. On the night that Jack died, Storm had rented a room in that very hotel. Storm killed Jack because Storm had invested in a "sure thing" with Jack's firm and lost all of his savings. He hadn't meant to kill Jack, but he took the beating a little too far.
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