‘Bones’ recap: Cam and Arastoo are still together in ‘The Survivor in the Soap’

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In Monday night's "Bones" episode "The Survivor in the Soap," fans learned that Cam and Arastoo are still together (and still happy!), and also learned what vacation spot would be perfect for both Booth and Brennan to enjoy. Oh yeah, and there was a grisly death! Let's get to it, shall we?

A vacation getaway

Booth and Brennan have been arguing about what kind of vacation would be most enjoyable. Booth argues that his idea of a perfect getaway is a beach, some booze, and his babe. Brennan, not surprisingly, wants a more educational vacation package. Their debate is broken up when the two are called to a crime scene.

The body

Meanwhile, back at the lab, Cam and Arastoo's relationship is still hot and heavy (and still a secret). The pair have dinner reservations, which they have to miss because of the body. This is a weird one: The victim arrives in a barrel, encased in some kind of soap. Hodgins explains that it's not exactly the kind of soap you'd buy in a store; the solvent that was in the barrel dissolved the fat in the male victim's body, creating "soap." Paging Tyler Durden!

Putting a name with the remains

After the bones are freed from the soap, Brennan finds evidence of a rare bone disease that is usually only seen in West African males. Angela finds a name for the remains when she searches missing person reports: Symchay Conte. The bones themselves show a history of hard work and violence, and the team learns that Symchay was a child soldier in Sierra Leone.

The suspects

The day before he died, Symchay received a $1,000 check from a photography gallery. At the gallery, Booth and Brennan question a photographer named Kimberly. It turns out that Symchay was there as a caterer but had a huge breakdown at the event. Brennan immediately sees why: The gallery features an image of a child soldier, and Brennan can tell that the photo is of a young Symchay. B&B also learn that Kimberly uses potassium hydroxide (the chemical used to dissolve the body) at work, though she only has about a pound of it on hand.

There's another suspect, as well -- another African man, Brima, who is in the U.S. illegally. There is evidence that he was close with Symchay, and Angela links him with the case when she analyzes a 911 call where Symchay was reported missing. Brima swears he would never hurt Symchay. Booth brings him in for questioning and asks about Brima's missing hand. Brima says he lost it as a child, when he refused to kill his teacher. The rebels cut off his hand as punishment.

The real killer

Booth and Brennan take Brima to see Kimberly, and Brima falls to his knees when he sees one of the images. The image is of a rebel General named Joseph Mbarga, who famously recruited thousands of child soldiers and is wanted for war crimes. The weird thing is that Booth recognizes him, too; Mbarga looks just like the janitor who works in Symchay's building!

They bring "Mbarga" in for questioning, but the janitor denies allegations that he is a war criminal. However, once again, Angela uses voice recognition software to prove that the janitor's "voiceprint" is identical to a radio recording of Mbarga. But the janitor wasn't the killer; a man named Wilford Hamilton was.

Hamilton was an immigration lawyer and helped Symchay enter the country legally. But it turns out Wilford Hamilton was also Mbarga's lawyer. When Symchay came to Wilford to tell him that a war criminal was working in his building, Wilford killed him to avoid being indicted for aiding a war criminal.

The aftermath

Arastoo and Cam can no longer keep their relationship a secret, and so they tell the entire staff (Hodgins hoots and hollers at the news). Meanwhile, Booth and Bones settle on a vacation destination that would please them both: an island near Thailand that's rich in history and has great beaches.
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