‘Bones’ recap: ‘The Diamond in the Rough' features a sparkly skeleton

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The "Bones" episode "The Diamond in the Rough" opens with Sweets watching a paranomal reality show on TV. The host of the show stumbles across an "apparition," which turns out to be a real skeleton that looks to be made from diamonds, emeralds, and gold.

The Jeffersonian is tasked to examine the glittering remains. The team quickly discovers that the skeleton's unique appearance is caused by crystals made from calicite, mica flakes, and other minerals from the runoff at the local quarry, where the body was discovered. Strangely, the crystals took just six days to form. The feet are the only part of the body that aren't covered in crystals: They were covered by shoes, and so Brennan is able to see damage to the feet sustained during life.

After reviewing the missing persons database, Brennan believes that the body belongs to a missing dancer named Katarina. This hits home with Booth: Fans quickly learn that he put himself through college by teaching dance (a skill his mother taught him). Booth and Brennan go undercover on the show "Dance to the Top," in the hopes that they will uncover who murdered Katarina, who was supposed to compete there. Sweets says they need to get close to Kendrick Mantorov, Katarina's former partner: Kendrick is either a suspect or a potential target.

Resuming the personas of Buck and Wanda Moosejaw, Booth and Brennan check out the competition. One dancer, Laila, has a serious shot at winning with Katarina out of the picture. They notice that Laila has a really overbearing mother who is very aggressive, and both are considered suspects.

Meanwhile, Angela laments her lack of artistic progress and wonders if she can still really be called an artist in her line of work. She is unable to turn the beautiful x-rays of the glittering skeleton into the bruised and battered body of the victim. Angela, frustrated with her work, leaves the lab during the case to take her son to look at paintings at the museum. Cam calls Angela back but promises to cut back her hours after this case is over.

The team learns that Katarina was ingesting poisonous lead for some time before her death, but not in amounts high enough to kill her. Laila admits to poisoning her with lead salts used for dyeing dance costumes and worries that she killed Katarina. Booth and Brennan shed their Moosejaw personalities and interrogate Laila. Both Laila and her mother are found to be innocent of the murder. The real culprit turns out to be Laila's boyfriend, Tommy, who wanted Laila to win the competition so she could be financially independent from her overbearing mother.

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