'Bones' Recap: Diamonds Found Inside a Corpse in 'The Blood from the Stones'

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In Monday night's "Bones" episode, "The Blood From the Stones," Bones sees something she's never seen before, and a documentary filmmaker takes over the Jeffersonian.

The corpse of the week

Cam, Booth, and Brennan are called out to look at a body in the driver's seat of a car. The body is unique-looking: The remains decayed in two different ways because of two different microclimates. It's so rare that Bones has never seen it occur in real life, and she's very excited.

When the body gets back to the lab, Cam introduces a documentary filmmaker named Andrew, who will be filming everything at the Jeffersonian as part of a fundraising film. Andrew later takes a shine to Caroline, and the two really hit it off!

During the autopsy, the team finds that the body contains a balloon like the type used by drug mules. However, the balloon contains diamonds, not drugs.

The victim

The victim is identified as Quentin Coles, a security guard at a diamond wholesaler. The diamonds get ID'ed, as well: They were stolen and are worth $200,000!

Once Booth starts asking around, however, it's revealed that Quentin wasn't who he appeared to be. According to Detective Joe Dinco, Quentin's real name was Reuben Martin, and he was an undercover cop trying to track down some ATM thieves who were using the diamond wholesaler as a way to launder their ill-gotten gains. When Dinco learns about the diamonds in Reuben's stomach, he is surprised but protests that Reuben wasn't a dirty cop.

A bird in the hand…

After falcon feces are found on the victim's body, the team goes out to the only bridge in the area where falcons can be found. They find a human foot but aren't sure who it belongs to. When the team learns that the ATM thieves were likely students, Booth and Brennan track down the house where the thieves live. Inside, they find a woman without a foot!

The woman is Paula Byrne, and she was working with her roommate, Marcus, to steal the cash from the ATMs. Booth later finds Detective Dinco beating up Marcus, but Dinco tells Booth that the incident isn't what it looks like.

The truth about Reuben

In custody, Booth tries to get Dinco to admit that he was in on the diamond/ATM scheme all along. In a separate interrogation, Marcus says that he never killed anyone. Dr. Brennan finally puts the pieces together when she finds traces of leather, alcohol, and jasmine on the victim's ribs.

Dinco and Marcus aren't the killers: Reuben's wife is! She shot Reuben with a gun hidden inside a leather purse, breaking a perfume bottle she had tucked in there. Lauren admits to the crime, saying she just wanted to live the high life with the diamonds -- but without her husband.

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