‘Bones’ Recap: Dr. Brennan Must Identify 'The Maiden in the Mushrooms'

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The "Bones" episode " The Maiden in the Mushrooms" revolves around the death of a young woman with a perfect manicure and designer shoes. However, Dr. Brennan can't focus on the case: Her daughter was accused of biting another child at daycare!

The remains are discovered

A young couple discovers the remains while on a treasure hunt. When the Jeffersonian team is called to the scene, they find a body that's festooned with mushrooms. Her clothing proves she had expensive tastes, but Sweets notes that she was living beyond her means: Those fine clothes were tailored at home, and the shoes were ill-fitting.

The suspects

The deceased is identified as Rebecca Pierce, a producer who worked on the "Judge Trudy" show. When Booth and Brennan questions the staff of the show, a number of suspects emerge. New producer Jill has the motive of a job promotion, and even Judge Trudy herself doesn't have an alibi for the night of Rebecca's murder. Jill and Trudy reveal that Rebecca was dedicated to her job, and willing to go to any lengths to find small claims cases for the show.

Rebecca also had a stalker named Gordie. She had filed a restraining order against him, which proves he was a real threat to her. However, Gordie has an alibi for the night she was killed.

The killer is revealed

Rebecca's cause of death was strangulation, and evidence from under her fingernails showed that she was trying to pry a dog collar from around her throat. The killer was Griff, the baliff from the show (and Rebecca's ex). The murder was a revenge killing: The careless Rebecca had left Griff's dog tied up outside, and the poor thing had strangled itself.

Once bitten, twice shy

This week's case is hard for Dr. Brennan to focus on, because she is totally preoccupied with the allegation that her child bit another kid at daycare. Everyone tells her that this is normal, average behavior, which just annoys her even more.

Believing Christine to be exceptional, Brennan has Angela hack into the daycare's database and analyze the records of the biting incident. There's a 21 percent chance Christine was wrongly accused, but Brennan relents later on when Christine bites her.

Hotter than hot sauce

Meanwhile, Hodgins gets in hot water with Finn after using up most of his last remaining bottle of hot sauce. The hot sauce was made by Finn's grandmother, and it was his last bottle: Nobody knows how to recreate her recipe.

However, Hodgins uses his expertise to reverse engineer the recipe. He and Finn decide to go into business together, along with a celebrity chef. Hopefully, the sales of their hot sauce will help to replenish Hodgins and Angela's bank accounts, which were wiped out earlier this season by Pelant.

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