‘Bones’ recap: Meet the new intern in ‘The Fact in the Fiction’

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Monday night's "Bones" episode "The Fact in the Fiction" opens with an banker-turned-farmer plowing his fields on a big tractor. But when he encounters a dead body in his fields, his city reflexes aren't good enough to stop the combine in time. The whole body is impaled on a series of spikes!

Identifying the victim

Bones and Booth show up on the scene, chatting about Booth's plan to invest in asteroid mining…a plan that Bones thinks is a bit far-fetched. Meanwhile, the rest of the team looks for the skull, which can't be found anywhere on the site. Bones suspects it has been taken by coyotes.

Later on, Booth and Bones grab a bite at the diner, when a blood-covered man storms in and presents Bones with the missing skull, wrapped in plastic wrap. It turns out that this crazed-looking guy is the Jeffersonian's newest forensic intern, and he tracked the skull down to a coyote den six miles from the crime scene.

His name is Oliver Wells, and Cam describes him as "five interns for the price of one," because he has multiple advanced degrees in very disparate fields. The deceased is identified as Benji Garcia. The skull has a bit of glow-in-the-dark auto paint on it, which leads the team to an auto-body shop where the victim's brother, Alex, works.

The suspects

Alex says that he didn't report his brother as missing because he gave Benji a week off to study for his finals. Alex and fellow autoshop worker Sidney tell B&B that they should look into Benji's ex-girlfriend; they just broke up, and his ex hated that Benji spent so much time working on his custom El Camino.

Sweets meets with the ex-girlfriend and thinks that she displays signs of an angry temperament. The ex has a very interesting tidbit of info about Benji: He was REALLY into time travel.

This bit of info leads B&B to the home of Professor Scott Hunter, who formerly taught experimental physics at a local university. Hunter was fired after accidentally electrocuting a student two years ago. In his home, B&B find a giant battery that Bones theorizes could have caused the fracturing on the victim's ribs.

Then things get weird

After Hodgins finds strawberry seeds on Benji's shoes, B&B head to a strawberry field that is a likely location for Benji's death. Inside the barn on the property, they find another body. Booth listens to Brennan as she describes the hallmarks on the new body and tells her that she basically is describing Benji, but 20 years older. Oliver, the new intern, thinks that the two bodies are actually the same man, due to time travel. However, Cam finds that the second body belongs to Benji's dad, Felix, who Benji hadn't seen since he was a kid.

The killer was under their nose the whole time!

Angela lines up the two bodies on her Angelatron and finds that the trajectory of the bullet went right through both bodies. Alex, the victim's brother, admits that his father was a junkie. The team finds that Sidney, who also worked at the auto-body shop with Benji and Alex, was selling drugs to Felix. Sidney denies attacking anyone.

Based on Alex's body language in previous interviews, Sweets wants to speak with Alex again; he thinks Alex is hiding something. At the garage, Booth and Sweets put the crime together after seeing Alex working on a car with doors that shut at a 45-degree angle, the same angle needed to replicate some injuries on Benji's body. When Felix tried to take Benji's college tuition money to pay off his drug debts to Sidney, Alex shot Felix, hitting Benji by accident. All Benji ever wanted was to go back in time and meet his estranged father, but it didn't work out for him.

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