‘Bones’ recap: ‘The Partners in the Divorce’ highlights Brennan’s marriage woes

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The crime at the center of the "Bones" episode "The Partners in the Divorce" is the murder of an infamous lawyer who made enemies in pretty much every case that he took on. The victim, Richard Barnett, had lots of people who might want to kill him, including his wife, his assistant, and a number of his clients.

But more exciting than the murder of the week is the continuing reunion between Booth and Brennan. After three months on the run with her infant daughter, Brennan is finally back at home with her husband. But while they're both happy to be back home, Booth clearly still has unresolved feelings about being abandoned, and Temperance is having a hard time adjusting to her new stationary lifestyle.

There's a lot of tension between Booth and Brennan in this episode, both in their personal life and at the crime scene, with the two getting on each other's nerves more frequency than might be expected. They should be happy at being reunited and living together, but Brennan's cold logic and self-reliance seems to be getting in the way of their happiness. Who can blame her? No dad wants to be told that his daughter likes sleeping underneath highway overpasses.

The suspects in the murder of the lawyer include his wife and his assistant, who are revealed to have been sleeping together thanks to the smart "de-shredding" work done by Angela.

Another prime suspect is a noted chef and former client of the lawyer. Hodgins discovers that the gourmet burger in the victim's stomach was made from rat meat, proving the chef's animosity toward his greedy, money-grubbing attorney. However, the chef claims he never wanted to kill his attorney.

Richard was also suing a construction foreman, and the wounds on the deceased could be linked to the type of equipment normally found on a construction site. But in the end, the killers are actually Gavin and Melanie, a couple who got on the Jeffersonian's radar because they had an appointment to reverse their divorce proceedings at around the time Richard was likely killed.

Melanie's DNA is found with the victim's remains from where she stabbed him, while the Squints in the lab believe that the accelerant used to burn Richard's remains can be linked to Gavin. Under a second round of questioning from Booth and Brennan, the couple's "we want to get back together" act crumbles, and it's clear there's no love between them.

There is still love between Booth and Brennan, however. Despite her desire to avoid conflict with Booth, and Booth's need for her to see things from his perspective for a change, their fights in this episode are clearly just bumps in the road for them. The basic conflict at the center of their relationship won't be their undoing, though it will likely continue to be a problem for the rest of the season.

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