‘Bones’ recap: ‘The Tiger in the Tale’ is the end of one couple's relationship

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The Oct. 8 episode of "Bones" is "The Tiger in the Tale." At the center of the mystery is the death of Jared Drew, a man who was working for minimum wage at an animal exhibit. In addition to an exciting look into the world of animal trafficking, this week's episode is notable for the big change in Lance and Daisy's relationship.

Here are the details of the case. At first, Jared's ex and his boss come under scrutiny for the death. However, as the investigation continues, the team suspects Steve Neibling of being somehow involved in Jared's death. Steve is the head honcho of the animal expo, and he's crazy about rare animals. But Steve is ruled out as a suspect when its revealed his business records are all clean. But it turns out that those business records are a little too clean.

When Brennan finds the body of the tiger that mauled Jared, it puts her on the path to realizing that Steve was the one smuggling the endangered tiger. When it is revealed that Steve has septicemia (that's blood poisoning to us laypeople), the team can finally pin the murder on Steve. Jared also had septicemia, and Steve got it from killing Jared.

Not much happens for Angela and Hodgins in this episode. Hodgins gets some funny bits about government spy satellites, while Angela bemoans her computer skills. Given the fact that she can do more with a computer than 99.9 percent of the U.S. population, she might be being a bit hard on herself.

The big relationship news was that Sweets and Daisy moved in together. Considering the chemistry between Sweets and Sparling last episode, it's not surprising that the move-in fails spectacularly on the couple's first night under the same roof. Sweets breaks up with Daisy: He's just not ready to settle down with her, and he seems a bit disinterested in their whole relationship. Sorry Daisy, but you had your chance to be with Sweets years ago, and you chose a trip to Asia instead. Here's hoping Sparling returns to cheer up Lance and make him happy in a way that Daisy never could.

Now, "Bones" fans, there's some bad news about your favorite show. There won't be any new episodes for a while. The MLB postseason and the presidential race will be ruling the Fox airwaves for several weeks. Even though Brennan spent much of this episode talking about wanting to run for president, don't expect Tempy to show up at any future debates this year. Instead, look for the next episode of "Bones" to air on November 5.

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