'Bones' Season 8 Finale Recap: Brennan Proposes, Pelant Ruins Everything in 'The Secret in the Siege'

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"Bones" Season 8 wrapped up with the episode "The Secret in the Siege." The murderous genius Pelant returned and managed to cripple Booth and Brennan's relationship. Here's what went down, in case you missed it!

In Pelant's lair

The episode opens with a brutally scarred Pelant in his lair, where the evil genius is spying on Brennan at the grocery store. Clearly, Pelant is ready for revenge. He's in a position where he can spy on both the Jeffersonian team and the FBI.

The body in the park

Booth and Brennan arrive at a state park, where Cam and Hodgins brief them on the remains. The body is about five days old, and suffered multiple gunshot wounds -- including one right to the face.

Sweets argues that the victim's body had to have been placed in the park fairly recently, in order to avoid animal scavengers. Sweets believes that Pelant put the body there: Pelant is such a pathological narcissist that he needs to display his kills in such a way. While Sweets and Booth discuss Pelant's role in the killing, an ID comes in for the body. The remains belong to a retired FBI agent, Alan Friedlander.

Pelant hacks Sweets

As the bodies continue to pile up, Sweets comes to a realization. Pelant has hacked him, and each of the bodies that turns up is found in a manner identical to the bodies Sweets wrote about for his doctoral dissertation.

There's another connection between these killings and the FBI: All of the men who are turning up dead were FBI agents involved with the Crystal Creek raid a decade ago -- and Booth was one of those agents!

Unmasking the killer

This time around, Pelant has someone doing his dirty work for him. He's manipulating Anna Samuels, the daughter of one of the agents killed at Crystal Creek. She turns out to be "Alison Taylor," one of the witnesses the team interviewed! While Booth goes after her, Angela and Hodgins realize that the real target is Sweets. Thankfully, Anna is brought into custody before she can harm Sweets or Booth.

Brennan pops the question!

Not long into the episode, Brennan decides to make the big move that's been teased all season. She asks Booth to marry her, and he gladly accepts. She even starts reading bridal magazines!

Pelant steps in to ruin everything

Unfortunately, Booth's joy at finally being able to marry the woman he loves is short-lived. Pelant calls Booth and warns him that if he marries Bones, five innocent people will die. Pelant also tells Booth that he won't be allowed to explain his reasons for suddenly not wanting to get married to Dr. Brennan. The season ends on a sad note: Will these two ever get their happy ending?
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