'The Borgias' Is Canceled: Other TV Shows That Can Fill the Void

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"Da Vinci's Demons" - "The Lovers"

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Piero Da Vinci (David Schofield) and Verrocchio (Allan Corduner) in the "Da Vinci's Demons" season finale, "The Lovers."

Sad news for fans of "The Borgias": This period drama has been canceled. The upcoming Season 3 finale episode will also act as a series finale, as previous rumors about a Showtime "Borgias" film have come to nothing. That means there's going to be a "Borgia"-sized hole in the hearts of TV fans. Thankfully, there are some shows (both new and old) that can fill the void.

"Da Vinci's Demons"

The first season of this imaginative period drama just finished airing on Starz, with a second season slated to air in 2014. The series centers around a young Leonardo da Vinci as he tries to navigate the politics and religion of Italy in the 1400s. It takes place at nearly the same time as "The Borgias" and features many of the same historical figures, including members of the infamous Sforza family. "Borgias" fans who loved the few glimpses they got in da Vinci's workshop in Season 3 will find themselves drawn to "Da Vinci's Demons."

"The Originals"

Set to premiere this October on The CW, "The Originals" is a "Vampire Diaries" spinoff series that focuses on the dysfunctional family dynamics of the world's original vampire family. For "Borgias" fans who love the glorious in-fighting of the Borgia clan, "The Originals" promises to offer up plenty of scandal and betrayal. Showtime might use "The Original Crime Family" as their tagline for "The Borgias," but "The Originals" may prove to feature a more twisted family. Klaus and his family have seen more death than the entire Borgia bunch put together.


Granted, this is the second vampire-centric series on the list, but "Dracula" is poised to be quite different from "The Originals." For one thing, it's a period drama. For another, the story is more about revenge than scandal. For "Borgias" fans who tuned in to the show for eye candy actors like Francois Arnaud, John Rhys-Meyers will be a great eye candy replacement on "Dracula."

"Any Human Heart"

Originally a big hit with the PBS crowd back in 2010, "Any Human Heart" follows one man's life path, from his youth in Paris to his old age in London. One of the ladies who crosses the main character's path is Tess Scabius, portrayed by Lucrezia Borgia herself, actress Holliday Grainger. For "Borgias" fans who claim Lucrezia as their favorite character, "Any Human Heart" is a must-see.

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