'The Borgias' Canceled: What Should Stars Holliday Grainger, Francois Arnaud, and Others Do Next?

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Showtime's lavish period drama "The Borgias" has been canceled, meaning rising stars like Holliday Grainger and Francois Arnaud are out of a job. That's bad news for "Borgias" fans, but good news for TV fans who don't get Showtime. Looking at the fall TV schedule, there are plenty of other TV shows where the talented actors of "The Borgias" could find a home.

Holliday Grainger

"Borgias" role: Lucrezia Borgia

Possible future home: "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" on ABC

Holliday Grainger is too good of an actress to languish in obscurity. She is so talented, and she deserves much wider exposure in the U.S. than she's been getting. The solution: Throwing her into the mix on ABC's "Once Upon a Time" spinoff about Wonderland. She would have been a smashing Alice, but that role is filled. Still, there has to be another role on the show for a genuinely talented British actress. It's time for this talent to blow up in a big way.

Francois Arnaud

"Borgias" role: Cesare Borgia

Possible future home: "Game of Thrones" on HBO

As Cesare Borgia, Arnaud plumbed the darkest depths of humanity: murder, betrayal, and incest. In other words, he's had the perfect training to join the cast of the most depraved show on TV, "Game of Thrones." Seasons 4 and 5 will introduce a number of interesting new characters, and Arnaud would be a natural fit for many of them.

Colm Feore

"Borgias" role: Cardinal della Rovere

Possible future home: "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

With "The Borgias" at an end and his character on NBC's "Revolution" killed off in the season finale, Feore has time to devote to another TV show. Why not "S.H.I.E.L.D."? Feore has a very Coulson-esque look, and he'd be quite at home playing the part of a secret agent, handler, or politician.

Sean Harris

"Borgias" role: Micheletto, assassin extraordinare

Possible future home: "The Americans" on FX

The most underrated character on "The Borgias" was Micheletto. Sean Harris brought an understated grace and raw emotion to the part of this remorseless killer, and fans will miss watching his parade of endlessly creative ways to kill. The natural home for Harris now is "The Americans," a series with plenty of scheming, violence, and intrigue. Let's see Harris upgrade from a blade to a gun.

Gina McKee

"Borgias" role: Caterina Sforza

Possible future home: "Downton Abbey"

"Downton" desperately needs a good villain, and McKee is perfectly suited for the task. She's got experience being evil and manipulative from her stint on "The Borgias" and has prior period-drama experience from her starring role in "The Forsyte Saga."

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