My boyfriend’s back: TV shows with long-absent ex-boyfriends that suddenly return

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As the 1963 pop hit by the Angels goes, "My boyfriend's back, and you're gonna be in trouble." There's no place where that statement is more true than on TV. Here are some prime examples of shows where a character's ex-boyfriend comes back after a long period of absence (and usually shakes things up quite a bit).

"The Office"

Good news for fans of the actor David Denman: His character Roy will be returning to "The Office" next season. Denman is scheduled to appear in the second episode of Season 9, which will be his first appearance on the series since Season 5. Denman may appear in later episodes of Season 9, but things are still a bit up in the air. Some TV bloggers hope that bringing Roy back could create some much-needed tension in the Pam and Jim relationship.

"Ally McBeal"

The whole premise behind "Ally McBeal" revolves around how Ally copes with getting a new job and then immediately learning she'll be working alongside her childhood sweetheart, Billy. After dating all through high school and college, he broke it off with her to transfer to a different school. When Billy comes back into her life, it throws her other relationships out of whack.

"30 Rock"

One of the fun things about "30 Rock" is the way that Liz's boyfriends have a habit of turning up years after the relationship ends. For example, Dennis Duffy, Liz's boyfriend of three episodes during Season 1, shows up to shake things up in Seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Likewise, Floyd DeBarber, another love interest introduced in the first season of the show, is gone by the end of the season (he returned to his hometown of Cleveland). However, he is re-introduced in Season 4, where he returns to announce that he's engaged. The wedding takes place in the Season 4 finale, "I Do Do."


In the fourth series episode "Lancelot du Lac," preparations for Arthur and Guinevere's wedding are interrupted by the return of a reanimated Lancelot. The love triangle between the three gets pretty heated, and Arthur and Lancelot nearly come to blows. By the end of the episode, however, Lancelot is dead and laid to rest again.
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