Bradley Cooper takes on ‘The View’! 'Silver Linings Playbook' hunk talks Golden Globes

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Bradley Cooper takes on ‘The View’! 'Silver Linings Playbook' hunk talks Golden Globes

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Bradley Cooper

Why isn't Bradley Cooper the official sexiest man alive every year?

The hunky star of the David O. Russell film "Silver Linings Playbook" sat down for the first time with the ladies of "The View." Barbara Walters was out for the day, but the co-hosts were jubilant in his presence.

The Golden Globe-nominated Cooper is an old-fashioned movie star. Tall, good looking, and funny -- what's not to like? More approachable than George Clooney, more relatable than Idris Elba, cleaner looking than Brad Pitt, and more "guy next door" than Denzel Washington, Cooper is ready to give his fellow leading men a run for their money.

Bradley was light-hearted and perfect for morning TV. He shared tidbits about everything from his mom to his "Silver Linings" co-stars. He also revealed that there's a "Hangover III" coming later this year, but boxer Mike Tyson is not a part of it. Alas, no one thought to ask Brad about his current relationship status with on-again, off-again love, Zoe Saldana.

So, what else did Bradley share?

"Bipolar is the new black"

Bradley's "Silver Linings" character Pat Solitano is a man recently released from a mental hospital for attacking his wife's lover. He is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and must live with his parents. Bradley's dad is well-played by Robert De Niro, whose character exhibits signs of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Bradley told "The View" crew that he was thrilled that his film could help to de-stigmatize mental disorders.

The man loves his mama

Bradley mentioned his mother several times in the ABC chat-fest appearance. In addition to appreciating the dance moves he shows off in the film, Mama Cooper dropped by the set. She told her son that this film was the first time she felt he "wasn't acting." Bradley got a kick out of her observation, considering that his character is a "pretty messed up guy" and mental patient.

Hollywood folks dig The Coop

Bradley didn't mention his co-star Jennifer Lawrence but cracked up when the show aired a clip of Chris Tucker mocking his smooth moves. The humble star said that his agent found him in bed to tell him about his "Best Actor - Musical or Comedy" Golden Globe nomination. His agent chastised the Coop for always hiding from good news. Considering this, Joy Behar asked whether he was Catholic, to which the star replied, "Yes, I am."

The show's other guest was roast comedian Jeffrey Ross. Ross is promoting his Comedy Central project, "The Burn." Ross asked an elderly lady in "The View" audience whether she preferred Errol Flynn or Bradley Cooper. "I'll take the live one," the senior deadpanned.

Bradley's fans agree.

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