'Breaking Bad' Final Season: 5 Signs That Point to Walt's Suicide

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The final half-season of "Breaking Bad" will finally premiere on August 11. This series has always been dark, with plenty of death to go around. But the drama's main character, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), has always miraculously managed to survive.

That all may change in the final episodes of the series, however. Walt's life is definitely on the line, and many fans think Walter is going to die in the series finale. But will Walt be killed, or will he choose to take his own life? Here are five indicators that Walt will die by his own hand at the end of "Breaking Bad."

1. He's already shown that he's willing to kill himself.

In the very first episode, Walt sticks a gun in his mouth when he hears sirens in the distance. The only reason he didn't succeed in killing himself was because the safety was on. This incident shows that Walt is willing to kill himself, rather than be captured by the authorities.

2. His cancer might be back.

There were some hints in the first half of Season 5 that Walt's cancer is back, such as pointed coughs that could indicate the return of lung cancer. In "Gliding Over All," Walt is seen having a CAT scan. It could just be a routine checkup, or Walt could be facing the Big C once more. If he is sick, he may prefer death on his terms to a lingering death.

3. He has a lot to feel guilty for.

One dedicated "Breaking Bad" fan has put together an infographic that displays every death that Walter White is responsible for, both directly and indirectly. Prior to the August 11 premiere of Season 5 Part 2, Walt was responsible for a grand total of 247 deaths. Yes, Walt made a lot of money. Yes, he did it all for his family. But if Walt was confronted with his death toll, it might drive him to despair.

4. Walt's daughter may die.

In the "Breaking Bad" universe, the color pink is associated with death. The charred teddy bear was pink, as was Walter's sweater the day the plane came down. Some TV fans think that the pink costumes baby Holly wears are a sign that she will die. If this is true, then a grieving Walt might blame himself for her death, which he easily could be directly responsible for given his history.

5. He might opt for a suicide mission, instead of suicide.

One thing about Walt's character is clear: He's the kind of guy who wants to go out in a blaze of glory. The very first episode of Season 5 saw Walt at a Denny's buying a huge M60 machine gun. With his back against the wall, White might just try and take as many people with him when he goes as he possibly can. If this visual progression of how Walt reacts to a gun in his face is anything to go by, Walt stopped being afraid of death two seasons ago.

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