What would a ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off look like?

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It's a sad time to be a "Breaking Bad" fan. Not only is the show on hiatus, but the new episodes that will air in the summer of 2013 will be the final episodes of the series. With "Breaking Bad" nearing the finish line, it's not surprising that fans and members of the cast alike are talking about the possibility of a spin-off series.

Spin-offs can be wildly successful, like "NCIS," as a "JAG" spin-off, or utterly forgettable, like "The Tortellis," a "Cheers" spin-off. It's hard to imagine a spin-off of "Breaking Bad" being as critically acclaimed as "Breaking Bad" itself, but it could happen. And if a spin-off does get a greenlight, there are many different forms it might take.

A political comedy: "The Saul Show"

"Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan has repeatedly mentioned the idea of a spin-off series that would center around Saul Goodman, Walt and Jesse's scheming lawyer. When asked about how such a project might play out, Bob Odenkirk said that his character might not stay in New Mexico.

"Saul could become the mayor of Las Vegas," Odenkirk said. "He could become the most respectable citizen in the city. Or he could go to L.A. because he's flashy and he likes being in the spotlight, and you know, L.A. lawyers can get in the spotlight."

Such a show would likely have a comedic tone, and the idea of Saul being at the center of a darkly humorous, corrupt political system sounds awesome.

The unofficial spin-off: "The Farm"

"The Farm" isn't on the NBC schedule yet, but odds are good that it will be. "The Farm" is a spin-off of "The Office" centered around Dwight Schrute and his family. One "Breaking Bad" star has already been cast in "The Farm": Matt Jones, best known to "BB" fans as the druggie Badger. Jones will play Zeke, one of Dwight's cousins.

"The Farm" would never be a true "Breaking Bad" spin-off, but the producers would be wise to include a storyline that links the Matt Jones character to drugs in some way, as a funny in-joke to fans of "Breaking Bad." Maybe the actors who played Skinny Pete and Combo could guest star!

Another comedy about nothing: "Pinkman"

In the wake of the awkward dinner party between Skyler, Jesse, and Walt in Season 5, an Internet video started making the rounds. Called "Pinkman," the video parodied both "Breaking Bad" and "Seinfeld." Who wouldn't want to watch a show that was just about Jesse having awkward dinner parties?

A gritty cop drama: "The Hank Show"

Walt and Jesse get most of the fan love, but Hank is also one of the most nuanced characters on "Breaking Bad." Why not give Dean Norris his own TV show (assuming he survives the "Breaking Bad" finale)? A cop drama set in the DEA or ATF would be fascinating stuff. Hank already has a TV-ready sidekick (Gomie), and it would be cool to see how Hank deals with his injuries and the fallout from the final season of "Breaking Bad."
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