'Breaking Bad': Who's most likely to die from ricin poisoning?

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Since Season 4 of "Breaking Bad," there's been one question on every fan's mind: when will the ricin be used to kill someone? Originally prepared in Season 4 and tucked inside a cigarette, the ricin was extracted from a castor bean plant by Walt, who hoped to use the poison to kill Gustavo Fring.

Most recently, the ricin appeared in the midseason finale of Season 5. Walt had planned to use the ricin to kill Lydia, but she saved herself by proposing an international distribution plan for Walt's product. As of the midseason finale, Walt has hidden the vial of ricin behind a wall socket in his home.

In the final half of Season 5, the poison is bound to make an appearance. And when it does, someone will almost certainly die: ricin is incredibly lethal. But who will bite the dust? Here's a rundown of some of the most likely candidates, along with the odds of them being killed by this toxic poison.


Likelihood: High

Possible Scenario: Hank now knows that Walt and Gale were working together. Therefore, ruthless Walt may have no choice but to kill Hank to save his own skin (and protect his family.) But with Walt out of the meth game and transitioning back toward his kinder, gentler persona, would he really be able to kill Hank?


Likelihood: Medium

Possible Scenario: Even though Brock isn't in his life anymore, Jesse is sure to retaliate against Walt if he ever learns the truth about who poisoned Brock in Season 4. In addition, the final scene in the midseason finale in which Jesse appeared, proved that Jesse is now terrified of Walt. If Jesse strikes out in fear, Walt may have no choice but to attack Jesse in return.



Extremely High

Possible Scenario: A paranoid Sklyer searches the house from top to bottom, looking for hidden stashes of cash, or perhaps for a listening device planted by the ATF. In doing so, she checks behind the wall socket and finds the ricin Walt has hidden there. She might break it accidentally while removing it, or perhaps she learns what the vial contains and decides to end her own life with the poison.

Walter White (Suicide)



Possible Scenario: Walt has a massive ego, making his suicide a remote possibility. But if forced to choose between death on his own terms or death at the hands of his scorned, former business partners, Walt would almost certainly choose suicide. However, it's worth noting that while ricin is very potent, it is also slow-acting.

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