Bret Michaels Turns 50: His Top TV Moments

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He may be a world-famous rock 'n' roll musician, but Bret Michaels spends a lot of time rockin' the small screen these days. The Poison front man-turned-reality star turns 50 on March 15, and in honor of that fact, here's a look at some of his top TV moments.

"Cry Tough" video (1986)

Look what the cat dragged in! In 1986, Michaels's glam metal band made a splash on MTV, complete with big hair, lipstick, and leopard-printed duds in their debut music video, "Cry Tough." In a 1987 interview, Michaels said of his band's outrageous look and wild stage shows: "Poison is trying to sell excitement."

"Yes, Dear" (2000)

In 2000, the rocker made a cameo on the CBS sitcom "Yes, Dear," when he invited the show's lead characters to party with him, saving the nerdy gang from a night of watching Scott Baio do card tricks at another club. Bret's best line: "I just want to warn you guys. There's a couple of really, really sleazy women here. So try to get to them before my buddy Charlie Sheen shows up."

"Rock of Love" (2007 - 2009)

Take one rocker, one tour bus, and 25 wild women, and what have you got? A VH1 reality shows that had Bret Michaels looking for love -- three times! In typical rock star fashion, Bret's TV romances on "Rock of Love" didn't last (his Season 1 pick Jes Rickleff told VH1, "Once the cameras were off, the vibe was totally different"), and after the third fling fizzled, he opted for a reality show that focused on his home life instead of his love life.

"63rd Annual Tony Awards" (2009)

Michaels's appearance at the 2009 Tony Awards took a horrific turn following his performance of the song "Nothin' But a Good Time" with the cast of "Rock of Ages." As he exited the stage, the rock star was struck on the head by a descending set piece. And while the results were bad (he later sued the Tony Awards and CBS, claiming the incident contributed to his 2010 subarachnoid hemorrhage), we can only imagine how bad it would have been had he not been wearing that telltale bandana/cowboy hat combo!

"American Idol" (2010)

In 2010 -- just a month after his near-fatal brain hemorrhage -- the rebel rocker made a surprise appearance on the season finale of "American Idol," duetting with third place finisher Casey James on the song "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." Michaels didn't tell his docs or his family about his "Idol" cameo ahead of time, later explaining, "I needed this for my soul."

"Miss Universe Pageant" (2010)

Bob Barker, he's not! In 2010, Michaels turned up on TV again, joining the ranks of "The Price Is Right" legend as host of the "Miss Universe Pageant." The rocker joined "Today Show" news anchor and host Natalie Morales to crown Miss Mexico Ximena Navarrete, and made history as the first beauty pageant host to sport a bandana. Check out Bret's pageant look here.

"Bachelor Pad" (2011)

Only on ABC's raunchy summertime reality competition would you find Bret Michaels as the voice of romance reason. In 2011, the reality rocker made a pit stop at the "Bachelor Pad" to give relationship advice to contestants Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst before serenading the then-estranged couple with "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." It worked out -- for Holly, anyway, who accepted a marriage proposal from another guy on the show's season finale.

"Annoying Orange Generic Holiday Special" (2012)

Talk about a crazy Cartoon Network combo. In 2012, Michaels joined Alice Cooper and Weird Al Yankovic on "The Annoying Orange" holiday special, complete with citrusy skits and songs. Rock legend Alice Cooper may have summed this one up best when he said, "Welcome to my fruitmare."

"Celebrity Apprentice" (2010, 2013)

In 2010 Michaels was the winning contestant on the third season of the NBC reality series "Celebrity Apprentice." He beat out Holly Robinson Peete and scored $250,000 for the American Diabetes Association that year, but a return to Donald Trump's boardroom in 2013 had him fired the first week! While it was rumored that Michaels had a teary meltdown following Trump's firing, the singer later revealed that producers told him it "wasn't good television" to have a previous winner advance on the show.

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