British Police Arrest Fourth Man in Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse Probe

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Watchdog: Jimmy Savile's Fame Kept U.K. Police From Probing Abuse Allegations

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Watchdog: Jimmy Savile's Fame Kept U.K. Police From Probing Abuse Allegations

LONDON -- A fourth man has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences by police investigating hundreds of claims of abuse by the late former Top of the Pops presenter Jimmy Savile.

The police confirmed to the British media Thursday that a man in his 60s has been taken into police custody in the morning as part of Operation Yewtree.

Yewtree is the name given by the police to work on a three strand investigation following the myriad allegations leveled at the former BBC stalwart which is looking into offences allegedly committed by Savile, offences allegedly committed by Savile with others, and offences allegedly committed by others on their own.

The ever-gorwing volume of allegations against Savile has already seen a trio of arrests including former pop star Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr and an unnamed man in his 70s to date.

All three have subsequently been bailed.

The police told Channel 4 news that today's arrest falls into the third cateogry of Yewtree, that is offences committed by others on their own, separate from Savile.

Police said 450 victims have come forward so far, and that 200 allegations of sexual assault have been recorded.

The London Metropolitan Police, also known as Scotland Yard, is still in the process of trying to contact all potential victims.

The broader Savile scandal is one of the cornerstones of the problems buffeting and rocking the BBC and its leadership.

The broadcaster has been criticized for ignoring signs of Savile's behavior in the past and not launching a broad investigation earlier.

It has led to two internal probes at the public broadcaster and played a key part in the shock departure of BBC director general George Entwistle after just 54 days in the job.

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