Will Carl Kill Shane on 'The Walking Dead'?

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Fans of the comic book series that "The Walking Dead" is based on wonder what the future will hold for Carl and Shane. If you have read the early comic books in the series, you know that Carl kills Shane. Recently, a few of my readers have asked if I believe that the TV show will mimic the comic book and have Carl shoot Shane. I would be very surprised if this happened.

Up to Speed

By Issue #6 of the "The Walking Dead" comic book series, Rick and Lori's little son Carl was carrying a gun. Even though he was only seven, he learned gun safety and how to shoot. In this issue, Rick and Shane have a fight, and Shane gets the best of Carl's father. A few pages later, Shane is still raging and aims a gun at Rick and threatens his life. Carl shoots Shane through the neck and yells the words "Don't hurt my Daddy again!"

Child with a Gun

Think about the field day that parent's groups would have yelling about a show that had children carrying guns. Sponsors would surely hear these complaints and have to rethink the money that they were putting up for advertising. Granted, children are seen with guns in many TV shows, but I cannot think of a single modern show in which a child did an open carry.

Child as Killer

Along the same lines as the "Child with a Gun" argument, you might still have the issues with sponsors. In the comic version of "The Walking Dead," when Carl killed Shane there was not any time spent on how it challenged him psychologically. A cold-hearted killer of that age disturbs many people.

Rick Kills Shane

My guess Is that the tension would continue to grow between Rick and Shane and that Rick will be the one to kill his former partner. There are many avenues in which they could take this. My though is that Shane's death would be one of the final issues in the show's run. Shane might be kept in for the duration of the show to keep a thorn in Rick's side and a threat in his mind.


I could be completely off with these assumptions. We could see Carl killing Shane on TV in an attempt to create some extra controversy to bring more viewers. This will continue to be a hot topic to discuss with fans of "The Walking Dead" in TV form and comic book form. Only time will tell which avenue the writers decide to take. In the meantime, if you do not read the comic book your really should start so that you can bring yourself up to speed in the future.

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