The Cast of 'Friends': Where Are They Now?

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In 1994, NBC released the pilot episode of "Friends" on the historic Thursday night comedy lineup. That is where the mega-hit would remain for 10 seasons. The pilot episode featured four of the friends hanging out in their favorite place, Central Perk. Rachel enters in a wedding dress, and runs into former school mate Monica. And, the rest is television history. In its' first season, it seemed the phenomenon that surrounded the cast of "Friends" was larger than the Beatles. Cd's featuring audio clips from the show were incorporated with the smash hit, "I'll Be There For You", DVDs, clothing, key chains, anything and everything imaginable was sold as merchandise for the show.

The cast became the first true ensemble cast when they went int contract negotiations as a group,rather than six individuals. This paid off by seasons nine and ten, when each member was earning $1 million per episode.

"Friends" can be seen everyday on some TV station, thanks to never-ending reruns.

Since the show's ending, the cast have taken different paths. Some are still on TV, one is a big screen queen, and two have seemed to disappear completely.

Jennifer Aniston, (Rachel) can be found in many movies. Her current blockbuster has her co-starring with Adam Sandler in "Just Go With It." Other big screen works include "The Break Up' and "Object of my Affection."

Courtney Cox-Arquette went from being a control freak, (Monica), to a woman on the prowl in the hit show, "Cougar Town." She also made headlines for a public separation and divorce from David Arquette.

Lisa Kudrow, (Phoebe), has been keeping a low profile these days. In November of 2009, she made an appearance on Cougar Town. Most recently, Kudrow was featured on "Who Do You Think You Are" on NBC. She has done voice work for "Father of the Pride" and "Hopeless Pictures." She was also producer and writer of the one-season show, "The Comeback," where she played Valarie Cherish.

Matt LeBlanc was the only character from "Friends" who was given a spin-off. Self-titled, "Joey," the spin-off was sent in California, where Joey was living his dream of being an actor. The show provided 46 episodes during 2004-2006. Currently, he is working on a show called "Episodes," where he provides a cameo.

David Schwimmer, (Ross),has been the voice of "Melman" from the animated "Madagascar" movies. In addition, he played Ray Armstrong in "Nothing But The Truth." He was featured in an episode of "30 Rock" and had a cameo appearance on "Entourage."

Matthew Perry,(Chandler), returned to the television world in February of this year. His new show, that he works as a writer and producer on, is Mr. Sunshine. In addition, he played Matt Albie in "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip" for 21 episodes in 2006-7. In 2003, he was Joe Quincy in "The West Wing."

While most Americans are hopeful of a "Friends" reunion, it isn't looking promising. Talks have been rumored for some time, but with the actors all doing their own thing these days, we will have to settle for watching them on their current projects.

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