'Castle': Captain Gates must know about Caskett

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Fans of "Castle" might think of Captain Victoria Gates as being completely inept at her job since she has apparently not discovered the relationship between Rick and Kate. There are clues that have been tossed out so far that should lead fans to realize that she already knows the secret. Instead of worrying about what Captain Gates will do when she finds out, fans should look forward to Beckett's boss admitting what she knows.

The explanation of the dating rule

At the beginning of Season 5, Kate and Rick discussed the rule in the NYPD that prevents coworkers from dating. Rick made the comment about how he is not her coworker since he does not receive a paycheck for his services. This set up the possibility of Captain Gates finding out about the relationship and allowing it to move forward without kicking Rick out of the precinct. Ever since this admission, Captain Gates has pointed out a few times that the writer is not an official employee of the NYPD.

Montgomery admission

At the end of Season 4, Gates pointed out that she knew the main characters were hiding information from her about Montgomery's connection to the man who attempted to kill Kate. The characters appeared shocked by this revelation, but their boss admitted that one of the reasons she had her current position was because of her innate ability to figure out the truth. Instead of trying to force the truth out of them, she hoped she would be able to earn similar dedication from her crew in the future. Since she could see through the veil of secrecy then, there is no reason to believe she cannot see through the current veil on "Castle" that covers up the relationship between Rick and Kate.

The documentary

On the recent episode of "Castle," when Rick and Kate were investigating the death of an up-and-coming rocker, Captain Gates pointed out how she had gone over many of the tapes taken by the documentary crew following the main characters. The writer and detective believed she had discovered their secret through the tapes, but instead the boss had an issue with the mundane and forgettable film. When they made a comment about this being the only issue, Captain Gates asked if there was something she might have missed that they wanted to talk about. This comment and her expression should have been the final clue about what she knows about their relationship.

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