'Castle': Dropped movie storyline hurt show

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The "Castle" Season 2 episode entitled "Tick,Tick,Tick" is considered one of the most significant episodes because of the explosion of Kate's apartment, but it also set up the storyline about a movie being created based on the Nikki Heat stories written by the author the show is centered around. After the appearance of Laura Prepon as the lead character for the fictitious movie in the middle of the third season, the storyline was dropped. This is not the first time the creators have dropped a storyline, and probably will not be the last. This storyline drop, though, hurt the show.

Season 4 dropped storylines

While there were dropped storylines in the first three seasons, the focus for argument should be placed on the dropped storylines in the fourth season since it is the most recent in mind. Captain Victoria Gates was supposed to be an antagonist who was going to be on Kate and Rick's back every step of the way. By the middle of the season, she was almost nonexistent. Lanie and Esposito had a strong relationship, they broke up, got back together, and then fans never heard anything else. The Marvel Comics graphic novel was supposed to be one of the biggest points in Castle's career but only straddled a few episodes.

Castle's background

With Rick following Kate and the crew around all the time, it might be easy to forget that he is first and foremost a writer who makes money off of the books he sells. It has been established on "Castle," due to comments during poker games, that the writer only produces one book a year. During one such poker table comment, the suggestion was made that if Rick did not do something soon, money might start to get tight. The movie was a way to create a monetary backdrop for Rick without worrying about him having to write another book.

Pulled in another direction

The movie storyline was strong as it was another direction for Rick to be pulled, and could ultimately have pulled him away from Kate. Both characters worried about how the project could place them in different environments. It made Prepon's character a possible threat to Kate, but also gave Rick a distraction from the uphill battle being fought for the detective's heart. This could have easily been continued and used to maximize the impact of Rick and Kate finally getting together. It would have been interesting to see how that particular subplot worked out.

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