Is 'Castle' Getting Boring?

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When the season finale of the hit ABC drama "Castle" aired last May, many fans were left on pins and needles waiting to see what would happen to their beloved NYPD homicide detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). She had just been shot in the chest by a sniper and was drifting out of consciousness when the season closed. This gunshot was a culmination of drama surrounding her investigation into her mother's murder case. It also was a turning point in the relationship between Beckett and Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion). Shortly after the gunshot, Castle confessed his love to her.

Clearly there was a lot going on with the season finale, and this gave fans of the show a lot to hang on to. Yet not much really has happened with any of these big cliffhangers in the new season. Castle's life threatening injury pretty much healed up over the first couple of episodes. The drama surrounding Beckett's mother's murder investigation has largely fallen to the wayside, save for a few cameo appearances by a mystery man who has called and met with Castle on a handful of occasions. Somehow, an episode with the mayor was tied to the mother's murder case, but the details provided were vague.

The show also let the romantic tension that had been building between Beckett and Castle fall away. Castle had reached this momentous point where his feelings for Beckett poured out, and the show did nothing with that. Beckett has feigned memory loss, and so Castle thinks she didn't hear him. Castle hasn't made any other moves for her, though. Save for a few scenes where the two have been jealous about various different things, they actually appear to be more like friends now than ever before.

With these various subplots to the show seemingly falling away this season, it is not surprising to learn that many fans of the show are saying that this season has become a bit boring for them. Many fans want to know more about Beckett's mother's case. They want to see some more romance blooming between Beckett and Castle. They want to see Beckett struggling more with her gunshot issues. At this point, it is almost like the season finale from last May never even happened.

You can catch episodes of "Castle" on CBS on Mondays at 10 pm ET.

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