'Castle' preview of Season 5's second half: Strengths and weakness

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Andrew Marlowe, the creator of "Castle," is planning an explosive return for the show in 2013 and a strong send-off at the end of the season, according to TV Guide. Some of the possibilities mentioned in the preview include the appearance of Richard's dad, a stronger backstory for Det. Esposito, the return of Sen. Bracken, and a marriage hint at the end of the season. While some of these possibilities will strengthen the show, the marriage issue would not.

Castle's dad

The possibility of introducing Rick's dad has been discussed for a long time. Since the writer did not know his father well, it would be fitting to finally let fans know if Mr. Castle is someone Rick could have gotten along with or not. If anything, the introduction should place more of a focus on Rick as a father, which has been missing from the show throughout most of Season 5.

More on Esposito

Backstory episodes are always good for a show if the story focuses on one of the secondary characters. By expanding on Esposito's story on "Castle," Marlowe can strengthen the character and continue to humanize Det. Ryan's partner. This will not be the first time the creators of the show have focused on Esposito, but fans might have to wait a little longer for the focus to be placed on Ryan.

Sen. Bracken returning to "Castle"

Sen. Bracken has been promised as a thorn in Det. Beckett's side, but it is discouraging that fans had to wait half a season to hear his name mentioned again. Kate needs an evil man in her life to counterbalance the feelings she has for Rick. During the first four seasons of "Castle," Kate's emotions were kept bottled up, and it would strengthen her character to display her hate for Sen. Bracken while displaying her love for Rick.

Too early for marriage

Marlowe pointed out to TV Guide that he believes it is way too early for Rick and Kate to get married. At the same time, though, an end-of-the-season cliffhanger was teased, and it apparently ties in with marriage, which will leave viewers wondering what the main characters will do. If it is too early for Rick and Kate to get married on "Castle," it is too early for hints of marriage to be made, as well.


Many fans believe Castle and Beckett will either get married in the final season of the show or the final episode of the series. Becoming engaged will either rush the end of the series or will appear as a drawn-out storyline as the characters pick out dinnerware while trying to solve the latest case. Marlowe should not make any move right now to hint about "Castle's" finale. The couple has discussed and worried about the permanence of their relationship. These discussions should continue and the permanence of marriage should be avoided until the end of the series.

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