How the 'Castle' series finale should end the story

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Fans of "Castle" are currently watching Kate and Rick figure out their life together, and some might believe the time for the series is ticking away. If the clock is winding down for the show, fans should be thinking about how the story should end in the series finale. The events listed here would comprise a fitting close to the show and final bow for the characters.

Captain Gates

Gates needs to admit how she trusts Rick's intuition and how she believes the precinct is better due to his input on the cases. In return, the detectives under her command need to come to the realization that she has gained the same type of dedication they had for Montgomery. They don't have to hide a great secret for her as they did for their former boss, but they should be able to prove to her how they would go to great lengths for her.

Lanie, Esposito, and Ryan

Lanie and Esposito should finalize their on-off-on relationship in the "Castle" series finale. The two characters helped to guide Castle and Beckett together, and it would be fitting for them to have the relationship together that they deserve. Due to Ryan's dedication to the force, it would make sense for him to find out about a promotion opportunity, which would give more security and stability for his family.


Alexis needs to finally move out of Castle's apartment permanently and pursue whatever career she decides to. It is time for her to pull herself from under her father's wing and strike out on her own. It is time for her to finally become the woman she needs to become. Since she had the internship in the coroner's office, the creators of the show could move her into the lab permanently.

Martha and Jim

A seed was recently planted about a potential friendship between Rick's mother and Kate's father. This needs to be explored and come to full fruition in the "Castle" series finale. The two should become a couple and give Martha a reason to move out of Rick's apartment. With both Alexis and Martha out of the apartment, it would leave room for Kate to be the loan female directly in Rick's life. The two women who the writer relied on for advice would pass the torch to the woman who gives him inspiration.

Rick and Kate

It would make sense for Rick to either propose to Kate in the "Castle" series finale or to marry her. Fans held out hope through all the permutations of the main character's relationship for the assurance that they would be together forever. Knowing the writer and detective would be together forever would end the series where it needs to be without leaving questions in the minds of the dedicated viewers.

The final moments

The final moments of the "Castle" series finale should either show Rick down on his knee with a ring for Kate or the couple coming down the steps of a church with him wearing a tux and her wearing a wedding dress. The author's voice should narrate the final few moments as he did in the original beginning for the show. Castle should talk about how this was the best story he ever created and how he has finally found the happiness he was looking for. Kate's voice should tune in to ask him who he is talking to and to come back to bed. The end!

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