A Chance for Happiness in 'La Que No Podía Amar'

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The contract between Rogelio and Ana Paula has resulted in a wedding and uncertain future in "La Que No Podía Amar." Ana Paula is still mourning the death of her love, Gustavo. However, thanks to the encouragement from María, she may be ready to find happiness again.

A Wedding Present Surprise

Prior to the wedding, Rogelio surprises Ana Paula with a unique gift. He has been able to get her brother out of jail and has invited him to participate in the ceremony. A grateful Ana Paula rejoices after seeing her brother. Rogelio has kept his promise of helping Ana Paula's brother get out of jail in exchange for her agreement to marry him.

Hesitation at the Ceremony

Despite agreeing to the contract before the wedding ceremony, Ana Paul is still hesitant to sign the marriage certificate. She is about to give up a minimum of one year of her life by marrying Rogelio. He signs the certificate first while Ana Paula looks anxious and seems to be searching for the exit. Continuing her lack of a smile, she eventually signs the document and reluctantly kisses Rogelio.

Still in Love with Gustavo

Although Ana Paula and Rogelio share an intimate moment in a lake during their honeymoon, she continues to admit that she is still in love with Gustavo. Ana Paula wrongly believes he is dead and refuses to move on or give her marriage with Rogelio a chance. She still insists that happiness will be permanently out of her reach.

A Conversation with María

María, who is the cook and caretaker for the Montero family, has an important conversation with Ana Paula. María's honesty and generosity begin to move her. She kindly tells Ana Paula that she cannot spend the rest of her life in mourning for another man while she has a husband who loves her. Ana Paula almost admits her secret about the marriage contract only lasting for one year but holds back the information. María uses her own experience as an example of what happens if you close off your heart to new love. You can end up alone and regretting the past.

Rogelio's Promise to Ana Paula

After María's encouragement, Ana Paula is willing to listen to Rogelio's suggestions. He begs her to give their marriage a chance and promises to make her happy. Ana Paula finally relents and seems ready to start forgetting about Gustavo.

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