A Change of Stereotypes in ‘Corazón Valiente’

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The typical stereotypes of women that have become prominent in telenovelas are changed in "Corazón Valiente." Instead of the usual helpless damsels in distress, this show gives the main characters strong personalities and professions. It is a refreshing change from the typical storylines that have been presented.

The Bodyguards

"Corazón Valiente" focuses on two women, Ángela Valdez and Samantha Sandoval, who are helping shatter some of the stereotypes. Samantha is a talented bodyguard and recruits her childhood friend Ángela to join her. Instead of needing protection, these women are saving others.

A Change

The latest telenovela from Telemundo is a drastic change from some of its recent lineup. "Flor Salvaje" presents a storyline that focuses on female exploitation and prostitution. "La Casa de al Lado" features mostly weak female characters that are easily influenced by men. "Corazón Valiente" tackles a different subject by giving viewers strong heroines.

A New Role for Ximena Duque

Ximena Duque, who portrays Samantha Sandoval in "Corazón Valiente," previously played Carola in "La Casa de al Lado." The new role gives her the opportunity to challenge some of the stereotypes that Carola relied on in the previous show. Carola was easily swayed by love and easily manipulated by men. She was also trusting, foolish and weak. Now, Ximena is revealing a stronger personality as Samantha.

A Drastic Difference for Adriana Fonseca

Adriana Fonseca, who portrays Ángela Valdez in "Corazón Valiente," has had several roles that fit the usual stereotypes of women in telenovelas. As Sandra in "Contra Viento y Marea," she vacillated between two men, ended up stuck in an abusive relationship, and spent most of the show crying. As Montserrat Linares in "Bajo Las Riendas del Amor," she depended on someone else to make her happy. However, "Corazón Valiente" is forcing her to try a new role that differs greatly from her past.

The Motivation

Telenovelas can sometimes forget that viewers need a background to understand the characters' motivations. "Corazón Valiente" does not neglect this important element while setting up the plot. Ángela Valdez and Samantha Sandoval do not become bodyguards in a vacuum, but have a strong reason for choosing their professions. Samantha was kidnapped as a child, and Ángela's father, who was her bodyguard, rescued her by agreeing to exchange his life for her safety. He hides a bomb in his bulletproof vest and is forced to sacrifice himself to stop the kidnappers. This tragedy is the main motivation for Samantha and Ángela.

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