Changes of heart: TV couples who nearly missed their chance to be together

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Sometimes, it takes a while for two people to get together. Even if there is a mutual attraction, by the time one person acts on their feelings, the other person may have started up a relationship with someone else. From comedies to crime dramas, these TV characters took a long time to admit their feelings and nearly lost their chance to be with the person they truly loved.

Shawn and Jules, "Psych"

From the moment she showed up, Shawn tries to make a date with the lovely Juliet O'Hara. Despite her constant rebuffing of his advances, it's clear that she holds him in high regard and finds him attractive. By the time Jules finally swallows her fear and tells Shawn how she feels about him, it's too late: Shawn is on a date with his high school sweetheart. Shawn and Jules do eventually get together, but it takes them five whole seasons to get things sorted out.

Booth and Brennan, "Bones"

The "will they or won't they" tension between Booth and Brennan was apparent from the show's first episode, but it took them until the end of Season 6 to get together. And even then, it was only because of the baby. But it almost didn't happen at all: Booth was involved with Hannah Burley for the bulk of Season 6 after Bones had turned down Booth in the previous season.

Niles and Daphne, "Frasier"

The Niles and Daphne saga was the reason most people tuned into "Frasier" each week. Niles was married to Maris when he met Daphne, making him unable to pursue Daphne. After Niles got divorced, Daphne was in a relationship of her own with Donny. Niles settled for Mel and married her shortly before Daphne was set to marry Donny. Thankfully, Niles and Daphne finally confessed their feelings for each other on the night before Daphne's wedding, and the two got together at the beginning of Season 8.

Josh and Donna, "The West Wing"

There's a big reason why Josh and Donna almost never got together: The Donna character was originally conceived to be a minor role. But when the two actors playing Josh and Donna were seen having great chemistry, Donna's role was expanded to make her Josh's love interest. It still took the characters until the very end of the series to get firmly entrenched in a relationship together: When one of them was free, the other would be attached to someone else.
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