What Chris Jericho’s Return to Television Means for the WWE

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Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho

On "WWE Monday Night Raw" on Jan. 2, the mysterious promo videos that played through December paid off and the returning superstar was Chris Jericho. This came as no surprise to the Internet Wrestling Community, who decided it was either Jericho or The Undertaker.

So, what does Jericho's return to television mean for the WWE?

First, the return made no sense when you think about it. The videos leading up to it talked about how "she" told him it was time. There is no "she" in the history of Jericho's career in the WWE so the "she" part of the video still makes no sense.

Second of all, the videos were haunting looking, something that fits well for The Undertaker but not Jericho.

When Jericho returned, the crowd went nuts. Despite the fact Jericho was a hated bad guy when he left, the fans always loved to hate him. When he returned, they knew he was going to bring back excitement and cheered him.

This is not the first time that Jericho made an anticipated debut in the WWE. When he first debuted in the promotion, fans knew he was coming. He came out and the fans cheered him but it didn't take long for Jericho to start talking and fans excitedly turned on him as he set up his new feud with the Rock. The next time he returned, he came back as a good guy despite the fact he said the same thing he did when he first appeared. His time as a good guy did not last and he became the most hated heel in the promotion.

This time they needed to do something different. Jericho came to the ring and the crowd went nuts. He soaked in the cheers and begged for more. He ran around the ring, calling for more cheers, and then suddenly left without saying anything. By the end, many fans were booing him.

That was the exact point. There is no way Jericho is coming back as a good guy so they needed to turn the audience on him. I see him coming back next week and giving a promo about the fans being puppets on a string that he controls any time he wants.

But, what is the point of bringing him back?

Chris Jericho always calls himself the best in the world at what he does. CM Punk calls himself the best wrestler in the world. I see this as a lead in to WrestleMania with the two fighting for the role of the best in the world. With John Cena and The Rock already set to face off, this match added to the card makes WrestleMania look better than it has in years.

The best thing about Chris Jericho coming back is that I can't wait to see what happens next. That is the best thing anyone can say about episodic television.

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