'Copper' Episode 'A Morning Song' Recap: Counterfeiters Own the Sixth Ward

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Corky (Tom Weston-Jones) just can't catch a break on the "Copper" episode "A Morning Song." He left his wife because the used-to-be cop turned cop-killer Francis Maguire (Kevin Ryan) reminds him of her (Maguire slept with her, after all). And now, Francis is helping to destroy his life a little more.

Working for the greater good

Corky left his wife in order to leave his old troublesome life behind. He has promised Gen. Donovan (Donal Logue) that he will be working for the greater good from now on, rather than focusing on single situations that only seem to make matters worse, such as Annie (Kiara Glasco). Annie has run off anyway, so it doesn't matter.

He talks up the prostitute from last night as he gives himself a clean shave, preparing for work and his new way of life. Too bad the counterfeiter Philomen Keating (Lee Tergesen) has something else in mind. Corky has no idea what's in store for him as the counterfeiters known as The Druids storm the Sixth Ward precinct looking for the money-printing plates the coppers found on Francis.

The precinct belongs to The Druids now

The Druid, who ratted out Francis (unbeknownst to them), distracts the coppers at a very early hour, when they are understaffed, by streaking through the precinct naked. He throws around some fake bills until Keating enters with more of his men and begins terrorizing everyone in sight. Keating spectacularly shoots and kills an innocent victim in the head to make his point, then shoots Capt. Sullivan (Ron White) non-lethally when they are unable to locate the plates.

All the coppers and innocent people at the precinct have been taken hostage. The rat has been sniffed out and hangs upside down, still naked, in the cell where Francis was being kept. Francis is helping to create mayhem. To make matters worse, Annie was waiting for Corky overnight at the precinct and is hiding under a desk.

The heroes enter the building

Corky and his men wait outside as bullets rain down each time they show their faces. He fishes for a few answers and is finally able to convince Keating to allow a doctor inside to help Sullivan. Corky sends in his good friend Dr. Freeman (Ato Essandoh), but Keating gives him only 15 minutes to do his work and get out before Freeman gets a bullet to his brain.

Time is almost up when Freeman realizes that Sullivan won't survive without surgery. With four minutes left, Freeman asks for one of the hostages to help him carry out Sullivan, but Keating has other ideas. He takes a vote to see who is willing to give their own life for Sullivan's and not one hand goes up.

Instead, Keating calls in someone from outside to help carry Sullivan. Corky enters the building and helps Freeman get Sullivan out of the building with seconds left on the clock -- all while getting a lay of the land and finding out where Annie is hiding.

Taking back the precinct

Reinforcements arrive, and Corky knows where all the bad guys are. He's got a plan involving food and bombs. They throw in a package of meat with a bomb inside, wiping out a couple of Druids before storming in and taking down a couple more. Only two left, including Keating.

But Keating finds something very valuable to Corky. Keating hears Annie's cries, when she fears for Corky's life, and drags her out with a very large gun to her head. Corky immediately orders all guns to be dropped and hands himself over to be killed by Keating in exchange for Annie's life.

Francis, that lying weasel!

Corky is the one open wound in Francis's dark heart. He wronged Corky in so many ways, least of which was sleeping with his wife. Keeping her and the cause of Corky's child's death a secret -- then killing innocent people in order to keep that secret while pretending to be Corky's friend -- was also a big part of it.

Francis tells Keating that he wants to kill Corky himself. He then proceeds to kill Keating and the only other Druid instead. At least he did the right thing in the end but calling that "even" in exchange for Corky having saved his life before -- especially since doing so would have been his job when he was a copper -- is laughable.

Twisting the knife

Francis already stabbed his fellow coppers in the back, and now he comes up with some excuse for how his whole time as a Druid was an undercover ploy. He lies about someone else having stabbed and killed Phinbar, and that he was a good guy all along. Yeah, right. Corky doesn't buy it, but Gen. Donovan forces them to partner up and shake on it anyway. Nothing like working with your nemesis for the greater good.

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