‘CSI: NY’ Season 9 premiere recap, review: Rob Morrow excels

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‘CSI: NY’ Season 9 premiere recap, review: Rob Morrow excels

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"Reignited"-- Det. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise, center) and Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill, right) investigate …

The Season 9 "CSI: NY" premiere episode, "Reignited," introduces viewers to a creepy new story arc. Rob Morrow ("Numb3rs") does a great job of playing the odd serial arsonist, Leonard Brooks, and is one of the main suspects in the crime. The episode was not as spectacular as one would hope for a show that was almost canceled last season, but it was still worthy.

The meaningless brawl

The episode starts with an ice hockey game, followed by a brawl between the two teams: the NYPD and FDNY. The game seems to be a ploy to introduce Mac's fire chief pal, who is about to die in a fiery apartment explosion. The brawl may be an attempt to ask whether it's worth it to fight over meaningless things when you could die at any moment.

Either way, it seemed to take up a lot of filler time before getting to the main plot. The plot carries over to next week's episodes, which means a one-hour plot may have been stretched into two episodes.

Christine helps Mac through physical therapy

This episode focuses quite a bit on character development. It is a welcome change in a sense, but also very slow, with nothing really remarkable to showcase. The one piece of character development that did stand out, however, was Christine's (Megan Dodds) new place in Mac's (Gary Sinise) life. She has stuck by him through the entire healing process from the time he was injured until he left the hospital. Christine is exactly the type of loyal woman Mac needs. She is sweet and patient with Mac. Let's just hope they don't kill her off! Mac needs some happiness once and for all.

Leonard Brooks

The episode gets interesting when we are introduced to the main suspect in the arson fire that killed Mac's fire chief friend. Leonard is a serial arsonist and a truly creepy guy. Just watching this guy's behavior was fascinating enough to make this episode great, or at least better .

Leonard is weird, yet oddly innocent. The air of innocence comes from the fact that he is a fire addict. The addiction makes him seem like a child who just can't control his impulses. He has always tried not to kill people (although failed once, which is what landed him in jail) but is compelled to start fires anyway.

Eva Mason

It turns out Leonard was innocent of starting the fire that killed the chief after all. Eva Mason (Mageina Tovah), a completely unhinged arsonist who shares Leonard's addiction to fire, does not care about killing people. When she realizes that Leonard has been helping the police to stop her, she goes into a rage and attempts to kill Leonard by setting fire to his apartment.

In the final (and thankfully fast-paced and exciting) moments of the episode, Leonard literally pulls the rug out from under Eva and her plans, trapping her in the apartment as he jumps out the window. She suffers the same gruesome death she had planned for Leonard.

Unfortunately, the incident seems to change Leonard, and the final scene shows him staring at the fire coming from the burners on his stove. Is this foreshadowing something horrible that Leonard is now compelled to do? We'll have to wait until the next episode to find out how far he is now willing to go.

Find out what Leonard will do next when the next episode, "Where There's Smoke…," airs on Friday, 10/5 at 8PM on CBS.

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