'CSI: New York': Powerful Season 8 Opening Episode

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"CSI: New York" will be returning for its new season on September 23, 2011. The show will air on Friday evenings at 9 pm ET on CBS. Season 8 appears to begin as a tribute to 9/11. Sneak peaks show a flashback sequence involving Detective Taylor and his late wife, played by Jaime Ray Newman.

Claire Taylor was killed during the attack on September 11, 2001. The teasers hint that Mac Taylor will have a new job, working for a laboratory, and will no longer be working for the CSI team. This would follow the Season 7 ending when he questioned himself regarding how long he could continue in his line of work.

However, the New York show would not be the same without Gary Sinise, so fans can certainly hope that some event in the first couple of episodes is designed to bring him back into the fold. No matter what the underlying thread of the premier episode is, it should be powerful.

It does appear that regular cast members will still be involved in the show. Sela Ward as Jo Danville, Hill Harper as Sheldon Hawkes and Eddie Cahill as Detective Don Flack are included in the season opener. Danny and Lindsay Messer, Carmine Giovinazzo and Anna Belknap, are also included in the episode, which is also good news for fans.

Cassidy Freeman will be a guest star in the season premiere. She will be portraying a bartender caught up in a robbery in which a co-worker is killed. A new forensic technician will be introduced as well. Hints for the opening episode indicate that much of the filming was done on location in New York. This would be appropriate for a tribute episode but perhaps make the show even harder for some viewers to watch.

Episode titles have been released for the first two shows. Episode 1 is titled: "Indelible" and Episode 2 is "Keep It Real." Fortunately, New York fans only have a couple more weeks to wait until the new season starts. From the look of the scheduling, many shows will be providing potent openers all in the same week.

Joey McIntyre is slated to be a guest star in the episode scheduled for October 14. Dean Norris will also be a guest star, he will portray an Internal Affairs officer involved in investigating the officer related shooting in this episode. No real hints have been released as to whether a "CSI: New York" team member is shot or if they are involved in a bad shoot.




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