With 'Cult' a Bust, Will Matt Davis Return to 'The Vampire Diaries' Next Year?

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Former "Vampire Diaries" star Matt Davis left his fan-favorite role as Alaric Saltzman to star in "Cult." But now that "Cult" has been pulled off the air due to low ratings, fans of Davis are hoping that Alaric will become a recurring character once more on "The Vampire Diaries."

Now that "Cult" has been canceled, Davis is free to pursue other opportunities. But can Davis really return to a series where his character was killed off?

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As a refresher, Alaric was killed at the end of "The Vampire Diaries" Season 3. He had been transformed into the ultimate vampire hunter, with the witch Esther tying his life force to Elena's. When Elena died in a car crash, Alaric died for good. Alaric did appear as a ghost in the beginning of Season 4 and told Damon that he missed him. There have been rumors that Alaric will return for the final two episodes of Season 4, which are titled "The Walking Dead" and "Graduation."

Some interesting ideas about how Alaric could return to the show full-time have been proposed. One article suggests that Matt could develop Jeremy's ability to see ghosts, giving Alaric a person to communicate with once more. Alaric could also return as a flashback-only character, enabling fans to get all of the Alaric action they crave without making his death less poignant.

There's another possibility as well: Davis could reprise his role as Alaric on a different show. A "Vampire Diaries" spinoff focused on the Originals got a backdoor pilot recently. If The CW decides to pick up "The Originals" for a full season, Davis could join that cast, instead of hanging out with his old friends in Mystic Falls.

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But would Davis really want to return as a major character on "The Vampire Diaries" or "The Originals"? After all, it wasn't so long ago that Davis was telling TV Guide how "relieved" he was to be getting out of his "Vampire Diaries" contract.

"I had my creative differences along the way with the character, and while Julie Plec and I are dear, dear friends, she knew that," Davis told TV Guide. "I'm very opinionated, and when you're put in a position where you're getting the story lines that are not necessarily what's cranking at the back of your mind or digging at the potential of your character, and you have to sit on your hands, that's frustrating. And being a secondary character is equally frustrating."

It seems like Davis would have some reservations about returning to "The Vampire Diaries." However, now that he doesn't have a TV show of his own, maybe he'll change his tune.

After all, "Stargate SG-1" star Michael Shanks famously chose to leave a show where he played a fan-favorite character, citing creative differences. Despite those differences, however, Shanks was back on the show full-time after just one season. Perhaps Matt Davis will follow a similar career path.

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