'Cult,' 'The Carrie Diaries,' and 'Beauty and the Beast': Will All Three Shows Be Canceled by The CW?

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The CW has three shows sitting on the fence between cancellation and redemption: "Cult," "The Carrie Diaries," and "Beauty and the Beast." Not one of these shows is doing great on the network. One, or all of them, could get the boot. Which one is most likely to be canceled, or will more than one leave the CW?


The problem with "Cult" is that it is too clever for the majority of CW viewers. In an attempt to explain the premise, "Cult" is about a show within a show. The characters in "Cult" investigate the characters on the show within the show, also called "Cult," that has tons of fans who take the show way too seriously and have their own cult. It is very meta, and that makes for a neat premise.

Although confusing, the plot is tight once viewers get a grasp on it. The problems with "Cult" are that the writing and direction are horrible, and the twists sometimes too simple. "Cult" is more proof that a good idea isn't enough to carry a show. Viewers need realistic dialogue and not actors that state the obvious all the time.

"Cult" will be canceled. It's inevitable.

'The Carrie Diaries'

"The Carrie Diaries" is a bit of a conundrum. It is based on a book about the teen years of Carrie Bradshaw, best known from the hit HBO show "Sex and the City." Take a show that appealed to women about life in the big city and turn it into a teen drama based on a book that doesn't follow the original show.

"Sex and the City" fans don't all like "The Carrie Diaries." It's a teen drama with teen problems. There are many inconsistencies between the shows, and any die-hard "Sex in the City" fan will catch them and wince. "The Carrie Diaries" isn't for "Sex in the City" fans. Viewers must think of it as a new show. Then it works. The problem with "The Carrie Diaries" is that it's nothing new. The drama is the same old drama.

Will "The Carrie Diaries" be canceled? It's likely. The only thing that might save the show is that the CW might not want to cancel three shows and have nothing to offer next season.

'Beauty and the Beast'

"Beauty and the Beast" is a remake of the classic late '80s TV show. The two do not compare. There is no Ron Perlman. "Beauty and the Beast" is actually an update of the Hulk. The writing is terrible, everyone is over-dramatic, and much of the show is laughable.

"Beauty and the Beast" is doing better than the other shows because it appeals to the same teenage, over-dramatic, love-obsessed fans of "Twilight." It isn't getting viewers because it's good, but because of its story of unconditional love -- even if the man is violent at times.

Will "Beauty and the Beast" be canceled? TV By the Numbers dropped the show down to "likely to be canceled," putting it at the same level as "The Carrie Diaries." Here's hoping that if the CW plans to save one show, it will not be "Beauty and the Beast."

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