‘Cult’ Recap: Can You Believe Who Locked Lips in ‘The Kiss’?

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The March 22 episode of "Cult" (enticingly titled "The Kiss") saw a disturbing kiss take place on the show-within-a-show, and another memorable kiss in the real world. Meanwhile, in the real world, more clues about Nate's life before his disappearance surface.

On the show

In this installment of the show-within-the-show, fans learned why Kelly hates Billy so much. A flashback to her past revealed Kelly's involvement in a creepy "wedding" ceremony. Billy places something purple on her tongue (some sort of psychotropic drug), and then places some on his.

"So many things go unseen when the mind is not free," he says, taking off her dress. "Do you give yourself to this joining?" he asks.

"With all my heart," she responds, clearly under the effect of the drug. They fall into a passionate embrace…in front of a gathering of other cultists.

Tracking Nate

Jeff's editor stops by his apartment and provides Jeff with some much-needed insight about Nate's life before his disappearance. It turns out that Nate was wearing a sobriety medallion in one photo, proving he was in a 12-step program. Jeff decides to reach out to Dustin, one of Nate's friends in the program.

At Dustin's house, Jeff speaks with Dustin's mom, who has quite the shiner under one eye. She tells Jeff that Dustin is heading to a big party on the set of "Cult" for fans of the show. It just so happens that Jeff can get into the party, if he agrees to be Skye's "plus one."

A wild party

At the studio party, 200 winners of a "Cult" fandom contest gather in full costume. Things go fine for a while, but then Dustin starts passing out purple drugs of his own, and the punch gets spiked. Skye drinks some of the spiked punch and starts to feel the effects quite quickly.

Jeff and Skye go someplace quiet so Skye can relax, and they see Dustin passing his purple drugs off to Detective Sakelik. Jeff leaves Skye in her office so she can stay safe, and then confronts Sakelik: "I'm just letting you know that I know."

A second kiss

The DJ at the event stages a "Billy and Kelly" kissing contest, and Jeff and Skye get picked out of the crowd. Skye, still high on the drug, kisses Jeff passionately, much to the displeasure of two men in the crowd. One works on the show; the other is a mysterious party guest who seems to have a connection with Roger Reeves, the actor who plays Billy.

Marti's tour

Meanwhile, Marti, the actress who plays Kelly, takes her date on a tour of the set. His name is Mike, and he teaches screenwriting at USC. Marti starts the eventing with a bodyguard, but he goes missing along the way. When Marti takes Mike to the set location where her famous kiss scene with Billy takes place, Mike assaults her.

Sakelik to the rescue

Thankfully, Dustin and his friends show up and stop Mike from killing Marti. Detective Sakelik appears to be working with Dustin and his crew as "protectors" of the show and its cast.

When Jeff shows up on the scene, Sakelik has him taken away in the same van as Mike. Sakelik eventually lets him go, writing something on the back of his hand and saying that it's the only reason he's still alive. The URL she writes on the back of his hand points him to a video of a bound Nate.

"I'm fine, but if you keep looking for me, I won't be…and neither will you," Nate tells Jeff.

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