‘Cult’ recap: ‘In the Blood’ reveals Skye’s motivations

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On Tuesday night's chilling episode of "Cult," Jeff recruits someone with serious tech skills to help him find his lost brother, and Skye reveals her true reasons for taking a job on the set of the mysterious TV show.

The show-within-the-show

Kelly Collins is called to a crime scene where a body is buried upside down, with their feet poking up from the ground. She believes that Billy Grimm is sending her a message through this murder: Years earlier, she participated in a ritual that was very similar to this killing.

"Welcome to my family. Welcome to the blood," Billy Grimm said to her after the creepy "baptism" ceremony.

The hunt for Nate

Jeff has been marathoning episodes of the show, hoping to get another clue that could help him find his brother. Meanwhile, Skye has been searching for any mention of Miriam's suicide in the local news but turned up nothing, which is odd.

Jeff visits the same cafe that Nate used to watch the show in and meets with a tech-savvy chick named E.J. She tells Jeff that she might be able to find out where Nate was calling from and reveals that she knows Miriam's last name: Livingstone.

Unfortunately, his questioning of the cafe staff brings him some unwanted attention from one of the waitresses.

The creepy waitress

The creepy cafe waitress, Kirstie, is the same girl who helped kidnap the network exec in the pilot. She is talking to someone on a cell phone and tells them that she will do whatever they ask. Behind her, the network exec is naked, bound with plastic wrap, and propped up in a chair. She kisses the network exec, and then lets the other people in the room attack him. Later on, she stalks the actor who plays Billy Grimm when he's at the gym.

A strange encounter

Jeff and Skye track down Miriam's husband and ask him if he knows what his wife was so scared of. The husband chases Skye and Jeff off his property with a shotgun. Jeff and Skye report this strange behavior to Detective Sakelik (who has that creepy cult tattoo on her arm), and the detective tells them to drop it.

Motivations revealed

Skye and Jeff decide to crash Miriam's funeral in the hopes of getting more info. There, they see Mr. Livingston talking with Detective Sakelik. He hands her a large package, and then says "Your wife's suicide put us all in a difficult position." And then she kisses him!

Jeff, growing increasingly paranoid because of all the "Cult" weirdness, starts questioning why Skye has been so helpful. She doesn't want to talk about it at first, but she eventually opens up and explains that her father went missing 10 years ago. Right before he went missing, Skye's father was investigating Steven Rae and his connections to some cult. The weird thing is, her dad disappeared 10 years ago, but "Cult" the show has only been around for a year. What has Steven Rae been up to?

An explosive conclusion

E.J. says that Nate called Jeff from a local kids' "playland." After catching Mr. Livingstone on a security camera with Nate at KidPlay Fun Palace, Jeff and Skye head to Livingstone's house. They find that the wallpaper has been stripped from the walls. Livingstone is bound and gagged in a kitchen cabinet, and tells them that the "true believers" don't trust him anymore. There is movement outside the house and the smell of gas.

"Well, hey, these things just snap right off," Livingstone says calmly, right before someone throws some incendiary device through the window. Jeff and Skye make it out of the house just before it explodes. In the background, that creepy red car speeds off.

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