‘Cult’ Recap: Sakelik’s Past Revealed in ‘Suffer the Children’

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The "Cult" episode "Suffer the Children" features heartbreaking cases of abandoned children, both in "real life" and the show-within-a-show.

The show-within-the-show

This installments of the show-within-the-show focused on Andy, Kelly's nephew who was discovered in a secret box behind a wall in the show's first episode. Andy is in therapy and is drawing pictures of his ordeal, including a disturbing picture of his mother with blood all over her head. Kelly later finds a lock of Meadow's hair in the trunk of Billy's car, and arrests him.

The wake for Bert

Jeff and Skye attend Bert's wake. Jeff is still wracked by guilt over his role in Bert's death. E. J. finds Jeff at the wake, and provides him with a copy of Sakelik's police personnel file. Jeff hopes that her file will reveal something he can use as leverage against her. The file reveals that she was taken into custody by Child Protective Services 25 years ago after being found in a house with a bunch of other abandoned children.

On the set of "Cult"

Meanwhile, on the lot where "Cult" is filmed, the creepy guy Stuart "runs into" Roger (who plays Billy). Stuart is starting a production company, and he wants Roger to stop by his office later. Roger agrees, if only so they can continue to talk about vintage cars. Stuart then gives Roger a car, in the hopes that they will work together soon.

Sakelik in trouble

Sakelik returns to Bert's home, and finds her partner still at the scene. He says that Bert's death seems like more than just a simple home invasion gone wrong. She tells him to drop it. Later, she tells an old friend working in a video store that she will do "whatever is necessary … we are so close to what we've been praying for all these years."

Investigating the mystery of Sakelik's childhood

Jeff and Skye review the file, having learned that Sakelik has tried several times to have parts of it expunged. The two decide to travel to Arrowhead, where the house that Sakelik was found in is located. They meet with the home's current owner, but she doesn't provide them with much information about the time when Sakelik was living there. She offers to let them walk around the property. However, when Jeff and Skye walk away, a strange three-lined tattoo is visible on her arm.

It soon becomes clear that the homeowner, the video store clerk, and Sakelik were all kids who lived at the house. The video store clerk mentions that this is not the first time Sakelik has killed. Meanwhile, Jeff and Skye theorize that the kids who lived in that house were the children of a real cult.

The return

Jeff and Skye return to "Moon Hill," the creepy house where Sakelik and the others lived as children. They confront the homeowner, and learn that 20 kids lived at the house. After the grown-ups all disappeared, Sakelik became the caretaker for the younger children ... and she was cruel. Sakelik went looking for food in a big Hollywood home, and killed a famous actress! When this is revealed by the homeowner, gunfire sprays out from the forest, and Jeff and Skye barely escape with their lives.
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