Cynthia Discovers the Truth in ‘La Que No Podía Amar’

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Cynthia Montero, Rogelio's sister, has finally discovered the truth in "La Que No Podía Amar." After days of sneaking around to have secret conversations, Ana Paula and Gustavo have been caught by Cynthia. However, she is not ready to share the truth with Rogelio and has her own plans in mind.

Gustavo and Ana Paula

Cynthia has learned the truth about Ana Paula and Gustavo. She knows about their previous relationship, and it is obvious that Gustavo still has feelings for Ana Paula. Although Cynthia is initially prepared to reveal everything to Rogelio, she opts for a different plan. Cynthia's main objective continues to be destroying Ana Paula and getting a portion of her inheritance from Rogelio.

The Proposal

Cynthia gives Gustavo a simple proposal to consider. She asks him to marry her immediately and avoid the wrath of Rogelio. If Rogelio Montero discovers the truth about his relationship with Ana Paula, he is capable of killing Gustavo. Although Gustavo is not thrilled with Cynthia's plan, he is willing to consider it.

Cynthia's Feelings

Rogelio has been pressuring Gustavo to marry his sister, Cynthia, but he has been able to avoid making a commitment. Gustavo obviously still has lingering feelings for Ana Paula and has not been hiding them well. On the other hand, Cynthia seems to have genuinely fallen in love with Gustavo, so her discovery of his previous relationship is heartbreaking for her.

A Change of Heart

In "La Que No Podía Amar," Cynthia has had several unsuccessful relationships. First, her hidden affair with Efraín was an escape from the confines she feels in her life. Cynthia is desperate to recover her part of the inheritance from Rogelio and escape the hacienda. Efrain provided a convenient and romantic distraction. Her next relationship with David was a disaster that Rogelio wanted to force. Cynthia did not have any feelings for David and gladly ended the relationship before a wedding could occur. However, Gustavo is different from her past loves because she seems to have real feelings for him.


Prior to arriving at the hacienda, Gustavo was not aware that Ana Paula was married to Rogelio. He did not know that he was dating Ana Paula's sister-in-law, so he cannot be blamed for reappearing in her life. His arrival has created confusion for Ana Paula who admits to having feelings for both Gustavo and Rogelio. Now, she is equally concerned about hurting Cynthia's feelings with her choices.

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