'Dance, Dance': TV Moments Where Dance Turns to Romance

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"The Vampire Diaries" -- "Pictures of You"

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"Pictures of You" -- Ian Somerhalder as Damon and Nina Dobrev as Elena

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. A beautiful girl dances with a nobleman, and the two fall in love during that enchanted twirl around the dance floor. Even though this fairy tale isn't exactly realistic, TV fans are still suckers for episodes where two people fall in love while dancing. As the old saying goes, a dance is often a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. For these TV characters, dancing was the first step to romance.

Lucrezia and Djem, "The Borgias"

Over the course of its three-season run, "The Borgias" featured a number of memorable dance sequences set at balls and weddings. But the first romantic dance of the series was a more spontaneous occurrence. In Season 1, Lucrezia was still innocent enough to not realize her feelings for Djem... until they started dancing. Sadly, he dies before the relationship can go anywhere.

Later, at Lucrezia's wedding, Cesare experience love at first sight. He falls in love with Ursula Bonadeo when the two start dancing. Somewhat later on the series, Lucrezia and Cesare's affections bubble to the surface during a dance in the Season 2 finale.

Damon and Elena, "The Vampire Diaries"

Whether you ship Delena or Stelena, fans agree that the Miss Mystic Falls dance in Season 1 was a big turning point for Elena's romantic life. When Elena gets stood up by Stefan, Damon swoops in at the Miss Mystic Falls event so Elena won't have to dance alone. Damon's feelings for Elena had been simmering for a while, but it took this dance for Elena to realize that she had feelings for him, too. Of course, it took them another season to actually act on them.

Blair and Chuck, "Gossip Girl"

This "Gossip Girl" romance gets started at a burlesque club, rather than at a formal couples' dance. Chuck first realizes he's attracted to Blair Waldorf when she gets up on stage at his club and dances her heart out. Immediately after she dances for him, the two slip off into a limo to consummate their mutual desire.

Odo and Kira, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"

After 144 episodes of unresolved romantic tension, Odo and Kira finally get tricked into going on a date together. While things are awkward at first, Odo is finally able to express how he feels about Kira when they start to dance. During the dance, Kira also starts to view Odo as a partner, rather than just a friend. Just minutes after dancing, they start kissing.

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