'Dancing With the Stars' Downsize: The Cast Explains the Show's New Once-a-Week Format

Season 17 of 'DWTS' will have half the TV time, but it could prove to be double the fun.

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There are big changes on the horizon for the cha cha! The upcoming season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" will only air one night a week, but it won't affect the outcome of the show, and it could even bring in more viewers. That's the consensus of the show's alums as they dish on the "DWTS" downsizing.

Host Tom Bergeron recently told E! Online that he's looking forward to the format change, which will eliminate the show's separate results night -- and all of the filler that came with it.

"For a show that's been around for eight years, this is a real way to refresh it and to make it a much more compelling two hours. It's great one-stop shopping," he said. "You got all the great competition and the eviction in one episode. Couples will be eliminated at the end of the episode, but the judges' votes from that night will still count. So the viewer votes from the previous week carry over and are coupled with the judges' votes from that night. So they're still dancing for their lives there."

But what do the show's dancers have to say about the change?

On his TV Guide blog, four-time mirrorball champ Derek Hough wrote that the solo Monday night show will be "jam packed," and added, "When I watch other reality shows, I'm not a fan of the results shows. There won't be much filler or vamping to get to a commercial break to make sure we fill two hours. It will be back-to-back action."

Longtime "DWTS" pro Cheryl Burke called the switch to one night "bittersweet" (she'll miss the entertainment that was featured on results night), but she told Parade, "I think it might be something that's good for our show, because now, on Monday nights, someone will get eliminated, you'll see all of us dance, and then on top of that, you'll get stars coming and performing. I think it'll definitely help with the ratings. I think [two episodes a week] can be an overload and having a two-hour show once a week will actually help us."

In an interview with Wetpaint, popular pro dancer Mark Ballas said he likes the idea of the new format because he's not a fan of results shows. "I watch 'The Voice' for my viewing pleasure, but sometimes I don't watch the results show," he explained. "Why do you want to watch to see who gets kicked off, you know what I mean?" (No, we don't, Mark!)

He added that the show's demo will stay stronger "because you get all the action all in the same day." "It's action-packed," he said. "I think that it will keep the show around a lot longer and keep people interested, so it could be a cool move."

Australian pro dancer Peta Murgatroyd -- who won Season 14 of the show with celeb partner Donald Driver -- told Wetpaint she thinks three hours of TV dancing every week was a lot to ask of viewers in past seasons. As for downsizing to a single two-hour show, she said, "We're going to combine all of the audiences together, and we're probably going to get a bigger audience and a younger one at that. It's going to be a jam-packed show. It's going to have everything you know, with elimination at the end, too!"

Of course, "DWTS" superfans may remember that the show's first season back in 2005 only aired one night a week. The show debuted as a low-key summer series (there were only six celebs!) before supersizing into a two-night extravaganza. Sixteen seasons later, producers have realized that less is more.

Watch as Season 1 champs Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo earn the show's very first perfect score here.

"Dancing With the Stars" Season 17 premieres on Monday, 9/16 on ABC.

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