Dancing Without the Stars: "YMCA" and Other Record-Breaking Dance Events

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El Paso Texas holds the World Record for most people dancing to the Village People's "YMCA"

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El Paso Texas holds the World Record for most people dancing to the Village People's "YMCA"

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If you are a "Dancing With the Stars" Superfan, you are undoubtedly anxious for the new season to start. But dancing doesn't stop just because a DWTS season ends, proven by these record-breaking events certified by the Guinness Book of World Records!

The World Record for Dancing the "YMCA":

Almost everyone has joined a party group to dance to The Village People's iconic "YMCA". But, El Paso, Texas can boast that they have outdone every other "YMCA" dance group in the world! A crowd of 40,148 fun-infested people displayed their alphabet skills at the Brut Sun Bowl halftime show on December 31, 2008. Watch the body-gyrations on this YMCA World Record YouTube video and I dare you not to join in!

La Rueda de Casino World Record:

"Dancing With the Stars" hasn't included La Rueda de Casino in their dance routines yet, but after the world record of 232 was broken in Milan, Italy July 3, 2010, who knows? This salsa dance originated in Havana, Cuba, and requires some skill. As this, "La Rueda de casino Mas Grande del Mundo" YouTube video shows, 706 participants gyrated their hips around an athletic track for five synchronized minutes!

World Record for Oldest Dance Instructor:

You're never too old to dance as proven by Florence Henderson and Cloris Leachman, amazing Senior dancers on "Dancing With the Stars" in past seasons. But they have nothing on Germany's Gisel Weser who holds the world record for Oldest Dance Instructor, teaching since 1949. Gizel, born February 1, 1921, earned the world record September, 2003 when she was 82!

Pole Dancing World Record:

The world record for Most People Pole Dancing was broken September 2006 when 206 people simultaneously slinked their way around a pole at 26 international venues around the world. KT Coates of Vertical Dance coordinated 10 minutes of 10 choreographed moves to earn money for cancer charities.

Belly Dancing World Record:

Belly dancing is a great way to tone your midriff (watch Shakira here if you aren't a believer!) Last September, 826 people got their midriffs in sync to earn the Guiness World Record for Most People Belly Dancing in Szechenyi Square in Pecs, Hungary. The University of Pecs organized this event. It's apropos that the world record was broken in Pecs, isn't it?

Could You Dance all Night Long and Then Some?

Feel like you could dance all night in someone's arms? That's what Joana Salinas-Aviles did in Acapulco, on November 2008. She and Francisco Petatan-Garcia danced for 35 hours, wherein they burned more than 12,000 cumulative calories and earned the world record for the Longest Dance Marathon by a Couple. Watch the finish of their 35-hour dance on YouTube.

Hope you enjoyed this dance diversion as we wait for Season 12 of "Dancing with the Stars" to begin. Soon we'll learn of the stars who will dance their way toward that Mirror-ball Trophy! In ABC's "Cast the next season," comments, I saw wishful possibilities, such as Eva Mendes, Matt Lauer, Faith Hill, Jessica Simpson, Christie Brinkley, and Patrick Dempsey. Eyebrow raising rumors have also surfaced of Tea Party's Christine O'Donnell (I'm not a witch, I'm you") and Lindsay Lohan (if she's not in rehab). Regardless of the chosen stars, I know I'll be watching. Until then, fellow DWTS fans, Let's Dance!


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