Deepak Chopra Joins ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’ to Help the World

Deepak Chopra with Nancy and Amy Harrington at "Oprah's LIfeclass: the Tour."

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Deepak Chopra with Nancy and Amy Harrington at "Oprah's LIfeclass: the Tour."

When Oprah Winfrey decided to change the world, she knew she couldn't do it herself. So for her self-help series "Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour," she called in the world's most well-known, and easily digestible, spiritual teacher's on the planet. From Bishop T.D. Jakes to Iyanla Vanzant to Tony Robbins to Deepak Chopra, the "Lifeclass" instructors know how to help the world evaluate their needs and make a better tomorrow for themselves.

Deepak Chopra Feels Oprah Winfrey Makes Spiritual Exploration More Accessible

In a recent backstage interview, Chopra explained why he wanted to participate in the OWN series. "I wanted to be a part of 'Oprah's Lifeclass' because she's the only one who can actually make what I've said all these years accessible to people in the world and also make it simpler and more meaningful and practical. And I've been friends with Oprah for a long time, so this was a great opportunity."

Chopra is no stranger to change. The M.D. turned spiritual advisor wasn't always as in tune with his metaphysical side. He recounted his moment of self-realization at the hospital where he was working: "One day we had a very serious patient in the cardiac care unit. We had to resuscitate the patient, do CPR, put him on a ventilator, put in a pacemaker. And as soon as we finished that, I went outside and had a cigarette. That was the moment."

Deepak Chopra Suggests Ways for People To Start To Make a Change

He conceded that people can't change their lives overnight because "it takes a long time for a fruit to ripen" before it finally falls. But Chopra believes that the world is ready for a change, saying, "Otherwise we'll go bankrupt financially."

While he understands that it isn't often easy for people to take the first step to transforming their lives, Chopra had this suggestion for those who wanted to evolve. "Just question how you spend your time. I divide the day into several kinds of time. There's sleep time. There's playtime. There's time to create. There's time where you do nothing, where you have no agenda, down time. There's relationship time. There's work time. And you question your relationship with time. Then you will have spontaneously the insight into what you're doing wrong."

He also added this critical piece of the puzzle, "Listen to your body. Your body gives you messages all the time and says, 'I'm happy. I'm feeling pleasure. I'm in pain. I'm suffering.' So your body's the perfect feedback mechanism. It eavesdrops on the cosmos. So if you listen to your body, you read the mind of God."

Watch "Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour" which airs on Monday nights at 8pm EST/10pm CST on OWN. Follow the show online at and see the coursework that corresponds to each episode's theme. Join the "Lifeclass" conversation online on Twitter @OprahsLifeclass and using #lifeclass."

And read Deepak Chopra's new book "Spiritual Solutions," available everywhere now.

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