‘Desperate Housewives’ Series Finale Has Many Happy Endings: Recap and Review

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Truly anything is possible on Wisteria Lane, and Bree's murder trial made it seem as though the gang could join "Seinfeld" and live behind bars. Instead, "Desperate Housewives" delivered an incredibly thoughtful and satisfying two-hour finale with a happy ending for everyone.

Lynette and Tom Reunite

Career-oriented Lynette always seemed disappointed with her role as a stay-at-home mother. It did not help that Tom worked, and excelled, in her desired profession. With her monstrous brood, it was reasonable for her to feel overwhelmed, but the finale revealed a bigger explanation when she admitted that she simply did not realize she was happy. Harried Lynette finally realized her mistake and decided to accept the love and happiness she already had. Her epiphany lost its zing when she also accepted the CEO position, but that was Tom's idea and reflected how their marriage evolved. She and Tom both choose happiness instead of reveling in their usual power struggle.

Gaby Grows Up

Even as the consequences of Alejandro's murder grew, Gaby stuck to her flippant, superficial attitude. She showed glimmers of maturity in the past when dealing with her daughters and family hardships, but there was never any substantial change. Sometimes her outrageous behavior kept the show light, but it was also frustrating to see her evolve only to revert to her old ways in the following episode. Between the trial and her role reversal with Carlos, she finally realized how she used people and decided to confess to Alejandro's murder. By accepting the consequences of her greediness and selfish behavior, Gaby realized her dreams of fame and fortune while keeping her marriage intact.

Bree Finds Love

After her struggle with alcoholism, scary boyfriend, and trial, Bree deserves happiness with Trip. He is a good husband for her because he saw through her perfect facade and does not care about her past mistakes. With her fervent beliefs and poised presence, the political arena is ideal for Bree. She is impervious to mudslinging because her dirty laundry is already public record, and her legendary muffin baskets can win anyone's allegiance.

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Mrs. McCluskey's Nosiness Pays Off

The funny grump wasn't really part of the "in crowd" of Wisteria Lane, but Karen realized the neighborhood's love when everyone insisted on helping her avoid hospice care so she could die at home. Her busybody behavior came full circle when she overheard details of the murder and used the info to confess to the crime. Her death scene coincided with the birth of Julie's baby. Was Mrs. McCluskey reincarnated?

Susan Moves On

The loss of Mike and impending grandchild made Susan very peaceful and reflective. She decided to sell her house and help Julie raise the baby. Another deceptively desperate housewife, Jennifer, moved in and stashed a mysterious box in the garage. The show provided an epilogue for the other three core characters, but Susan's future is a mystery. Perhaps it is enough to see her grow from the flaky and needy klutz into a cool, confident woman ready to become a grandmother.

Finale Disappointments

What happened to Susan? What about Gaby's missing birth daughter? Were the remaining gals friends with Jennifer? There are many unanswered questions, but that is excusable since it is unreasonable to expect the show to cover every detail. Besides, some of the past plots are best left in the past.

Katherine Mayfair's return was awkward and reinforced her character's annoying attributes. Surely, she heard about the murder trial and recent deaths of Mike and Karen. She needed to show a little compassion and interest in the other women instead of hastily outlining her immense success.

With a wedding, birth, and death, the show covered the circle of life while letting each woman evolve and realize her full potential.

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