'Destination Truth' Season 5 Premiere Date Still Elusive

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There is an air date for Season 5 of the Syfy globe trotting adventure series "Destination Truth." According to Singularityfanpages.com, Josh Gates and Syfy know but are staying tight lipped about it, which is pretty interesting. Without a premiere date fans are left speculating on when the batch of episodes will start to take shape, but of course, there is always a method to the madness of Syfy and Gates (at least 70 percent of the time anyway).

Either the team actually found a vampire (or other monster) or there is going to be a major shake up for DT. Perhaps the recent departure of Grant from "Ghost Hunters" has created an opportunity to move Gates into another role? Admittedly, Josh seemed to have had the dream job jaunting around the world and looking for monsters (okay the truth behind monsters), and he got to see some pretty incredible things.

However, with only seven episodes of DT being filmed, there is plenty of reason for fans to be a bit concerned that the show is doomed after the brief Season 5. Again though, if Josh Gates and Syfy can keep quiet about at Season 5 premiere date, pretty much anything is possible. However, a pleasant surprise would be keeping the show around, just for the shear entertainment value of watching the team interact with the local people.

The groundbreaking news would be that the DT team found something and are simply gearing up for a major announcement that will reveal the existence of a creature to the entire world, but that seems like a long shot after so many creatures have gone undetected. Such is the challenge of finding something in remote places of the world.

At its core, "Destination Truth" is about more than monsters and myths. All the high-tech gadgets the team packs along are mere smoke and mirrors, because the real value in the show in entertainment, and that is what television is supposed to be about. The team often appears more like a family than any TV families actually do, which could be a result of going for a walk in the jungle on another continent at two o'clock in the morning.

The folks jab and twist, they poke fun at each other, and they get really bad rental cars, but in the end, everyone seems to have a smile on their face. With any luck, fans of the show will be smiling knowing their show is coming back soon.

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