‘Dexter’: The least satisfying character deaths

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Over the years, "Dexter" has had a number of truly satisfying deaths, such as Santos, Lil' Chino, and Mike Donovan. But not every death on the show has pleased fans. In fact, some of the deaths are just plain disappointing. While it's always fun to watch Dexter cleaning up the streets of Miami, some kills are not ideal. From criminals to good guys, these "Dexter" deaths annoyed many fans.

Arthur Mitchell, also known as The Trinity Killer

To be fair, the first time you see Dexter kill Arthur Mitchell, it is immensely satisfying. But that satisfaction fades the moment you learn that Mitchell had already killed Dexter's wife. Dexter wins, in a way, but it's still a hollow victory. Arthur absolutely deserved to die, but it's hard to be happy with how the situation played out for Dexter and his son.

Louis Green

The events of Season 6 and Season 7 seemed to be setting Louis up as a major antagonist for Dexter. The two were somewhat equally matched, with Louis possessing some cool tech skills that could have made Dex's secret life very hard to keep secret. But Louis was killed off unceremoniously near the start of Season 7 by Isaak Sirko. The cat and mouse game between Louis and Dexter was cut short, and a great potential storyline was brought to a premature conclusion. By dying at the hands of someone other than Dexter, Louis became an utterly useless character.

Mike Anderson

Mike was the smartest cop since Sgt. Doakes was on the force. While the rest of Miami Metro PD was oblivious about Dexter's nocturnal activities, the canny Anderson might have been able to see right through Dexter and really bring down the heat. But Mike got shot by a random criminal: an unfair end to a capable detective character. It would have made more sense to keep Mike alive and have his fresh perspective be what unmasked Dexter.

Jamie Jaworski

Jaworski is one of the earliest kills in the program's history. And while Dexter dispatched Jaworski in a violent way, it wasn't nearly the tormented death that this twisted criminal deserved. Jaworski produced snuff films and tortured a woman named Jane Saunders in a truly brutal fashion. Jaworski deserved to die, but this is one kill where fans wish Dexter had taken his time. Jaworski deserved worse than he got.

Stan Liddy

Quinn was basically useless in Season 6, which is why Dexter should have pinned Stan Liddy's death on Quinn in Season 5. Stan's death is great news for Dex, but falsifying the lab work on Quinn's shoes started more problems than it solved. It was good to see dirty, obsessive Liddy get eliminated, but the way it was done wasn't satisfying.
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