‘Dexter’: Season 6 finale shocker, and where Dex and Deb go from here

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For those of you who thought the "Dexter" Season 6 finale episode, "This is the Way the World Ends," was over before the last few seconds, you would have missed the biggest revelation of the series! First, Deb was this close to professing her love (as in romantic love) for her stepbrother, but then she saw. She saw him right in the act of killing the Doomsday Killer, Travis (Colin Hanks)!

So now what? Will Deb spill the beans to their fellow law enforcement officers? We already know that she is a buy-the-book cop. We know how she felt about Doakes when she thought he was the Bay Harbor Butcher. She thought he belonged in prison with the key thrown away! Is that what she wants for her brother now, too? How will Dexter react? Could he actually kill his "beloved" sister?

The official Season 7 trailer shows that the writers of "Dexter" are not afraid to explore all those possibilities. Deb does begin to call the police on Dex. Deb even begins going into how they should spin it once Dex goes to jail -- could he plead insanity?

The rest of the trailer reveals that Dex is not in prison, but Deb keeps a close eye on him, and is clearly not happy with what she learns. There's even a split-second shot of her punching Dex in the face! Will it get to be too much for Dex? We know what happens when he's pushed to far. Could he really "snap" on Deb?

Find out where Dex and Deb go from here when the Season 7 premiere episode, "Are You...?" airs on Sunday, 9/30 at 9PM ET on Showtime.

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